UCBA Distinguished Alumni

Tammy Wynn, 2015 Award Winner

UC Blue Ash College has had thousands of successful graduates. Here are just a few of our proud alumni that have worked hard and made the most out of their opportunities. UC Blue Ash College played an important role in the education and growth of these distinguished alumni.

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2017 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Tony Lawson - Distinguished Alumni Award 2017

Tony Lawson - Distinguished Alumni Award

Tony studied Environmental Science at our college (1994-96) and earned his Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Cincinnati. His plans for a career of working in the great outdoors studying water quality changed when he took a temporary job at the Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) while in college. Tony found his true passion of combining education with science and today is the Senior Director of School and Teacher Partnerships for the CMC. He enjoys helping educators understand the importance of play and science in children’s lives and is responsible for creating the ECSITE (Early Childhood Science Inquiry Teacher Education) and Learning Through Play programs.

Haley Fritz - Young Alumnus Outstanding Achievement Award 2017

Haley Fritz - Young Alumnus Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is the latest accomplishment in Haley’s incredibly productive young career. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Applied Administration from UC Blue Ash College in 2014, she is making her mark as an accomplished professional and tireless volunteer, while also completing her Master’s in Business Administration later this year from the University of Cincinnati. Haley was appointed as the youngest Director of Membership ever for the Cincinnati Bar Association, started her own planning and design company, and volunteers for multiple organizations across the region. Today, she serves as the Director of Development for Susan G. Komen of Southwest Ohio.


Distinguished Alumni of Past Years

Andrew Ciafardini

Andrew Ciafardini - 2016 - Distinguished Alumni Award

UC Blue Ash alumnus Andrew Ciafardini is no stranger to being around highly distinguished individuals, so it comes as no surprise that he, himself, has won the college’s highest alumni honor of being named the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient.

Starting his career in public service, Ciafardini has served in numerous roles including Special Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House, where he served as the liaison to state legislators across the nation ensuring their priorities were considered; Assistant Chief of Protocol at the U.S. Department of State under Secretaries Powell and Rice, where he coordinated the visits of world leaders to the U.S. for meetings with the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and other senior governmental officials, and where he also traveled to over 30 countries with President Bush; and even fulfilling the role of State Representative for Ohio’s District 28, before going on to contribute to Senator Portman’s successful U.S. Senate election.

Lauren Altman

Lauren Altman - 2016 Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

Lauren Altman doesn’t tend to stay in one place very long. She has always been, as she calls it, “hyperactive”—which is how she first got started working in the bustling restaurant industry. While this sense of restlessness proved to be a challenge throughout school for Altman, it suits her well now as the Corporate Manager at Thunderdome Restaurant Group, which owns and manages five concepts (with 30 locations nationwide) including Bakersfield, The Eagle, and Krueger’s Tavern.

In 2010, while working as the General Manager of Moonstruck Chocolate Company in Portland, Oregon, she was called by her hometown friends to move back to Cincinnati to help start Thunderdome. Despite her initial reaction being “I am never moving back to Cincinnati!” Altman visited and was blown away by the transformation of the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Upon returning to Portland, Altman “sold everything [she] owned and moved back to Cincinnati” to open Thunderdome’s first restaurant, Bakersfield, as the General Manager. Six years later, Altman’s endless energy is essential as she travels from city to city opening new locations of Thunderdome’s popular restaurants. Most recently, she oversaw the opening of Bakersfield in Pittsburgh, which serves as the restaurant’s sixth location, and Thunderdome’s ninth restaurant location overall.

Tammy Wynn

Tammy Wynn - 2015

Tammy Wynn is the Founder and CEO of Angel’s Paws, a pet hospice company that provides end of life care for animals. Angel’s Paws is the only pet service of its kind in the country, with over 85 partnering veterinary hospitals.

Wynn describes UC Blue Ash College as playing a “critical role” in getting her where she is today. She credits Veterinary Technology department chair Dr. Jennifer Wells for helping map out the best plan for her career goals and for developing the overall quality of the UCBA Vet Tech program, which she describes as “exceptional from start to finish.” She also credits many of the other professors found at UCBA. “It has a small college approach. The instructors know the students and put in extra time; you don’t find that at every college,” said Wynn.

Wynn is a proud mom herself to furry friends—two of which she adopted directly from the Veterinary Technology program as a student at UC Blue Ash. Wynn describes finding her way to UC Blue Ash’s Vet Tech program as a “happy accident.”

Rachel Richardson

Rachel Richardson - 2015

Rachel Richardson is a history buff and reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer covering business, government, schools, features and crime in Warren County. As a first-generation college student, Richardson says she didn’t have the necessary study skills to succeed. At UC Blue Ash, she felt a personal connection with her instructors and began to see improvements with her academics. “Once I found support and structure, I excelled. The feedback I received from professors encouraged me,” Richardson explains. After graduating from UC Blue Ash, Richardson went on to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UC in history and American history, respectively.

When Richardson is not working to serve the voice of residents within Warren County, she volunteers as a guardian ad litem to give a voice to children within the foster care system who’ve been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect.

Mary Noel Lucy Reuter

Mary Noel Lucy Reuter - 2015

“Lucy dedicated her professional life to dentistry. In 1969 she graduated in the first class of Dental Hygienists from Raymond Walters College. What followed was 45 years of commitment to her profession.

 In her personal life she raised two sons, loved one husband, and cherished five grandchildren, while Lucy, the professional, became committed to the development of dental hygiene. She lobbied in the state house for dentistry
and hygiene, and she began to work at the local level by volunteering to advise the Dental Hygiene Program at UC Blue Ash. She continued that service until her death in September 2014.

An essential ingredient of a happy life is commitment to a cause. This Lucy had in abundance. Lucy was most happy standing by the dental chair brightening the smiles of others.”

- Fred Reuter

Deborah H. Metz

Deborah H. Metz - 2014

Debbie Metz came to UC Blue Ash College with an interest in science and the environment that grew into an associate degree, then a bachelor’s, then a master’s, and finally a PhD in Environmental Science that she earned from UC a few years ago.  Along the way, Dr. Metz has become an established expert in water quality and wastewater treatment.  She has spent most of her career with the Greater Cincinnati Water Works where she serves as the Superintendent of Water Quality and Treatment.  The treatment plant is considered one of the most advanced in the industry and serves as a global standard.

Outside of her career, Debbie serves as Board President for the Ohio Chapter of the Scleroderma Foundation.  Scleroderma is a chronic connective tissue disease that has impacted Debbie’s family.  She works tirelessly to increase awareness about the disease and raise funding to support new research.

Tamara L. (Kirk) Miles

Tamara L. (Kirk) Miles - 2014

Tamara Miles is described as a great example of what we do best at UC Blue Ash College. She was a single mother with a dream when she came to our campus to enroll as a business student. Tamara quickly began excelling in the classroom and became one of the first students at UCBA to earn the Robert McCants Scholarship. She then transitioned to the UC Clifton campus where she went on to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Administration.

Today, Tamara is also a great example of what it means to be a true American patriot. She is a Senior Contracting Officer for the U.S. Department of Energy here in Cincinnati, she has a son in the U.S. Marine Corps, and her husband is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. In her role with the Department of Energy, Tamara has earned the Distinguished Service Award three times and has been instrumental in several high-level contract negotiations, including a $6 billion contract for C-17 aircraft production.

Julie Calvert

Yife Tien - 2014

After emigrating with his family from Taiwan, Yife Tien came to our college at the urging of his father and started an education that led to a very successful career as an entrepreneur and a leader in the field of medical education. Yife studied biology at UC Blue Ash before transitioning to the UC campus in Clifton to earn his bachelor’s degree. From there he studied medicine in the Dominican Republic and the British West Indies.

Rather than becoming a doctor, Yife followed in his father’s footsteps. His dad was a successful businessman who ran technical colleges in Ohio for more than 30 years. Yife started his own medical education information company, served for nearly 20 years as CEO of the American University of the Caribbean, and recently founded Rocky Vista University, an osteopathic medicine college based in Colorado.

Julie Calvert

Julie Harrison Calvert - 2013

Julie Harrison Calvert started at UC Blue Ash College right after high school and hasn’t slowed down since. After helping revive the Student Government organization here at UC Blue Ash, she went on to earn bachelor’s degrees in English and Journalism, started out as a young newspaper reporter, then launched a marketing and public relations career that continues to impact the growth of our region.

Today, Julie is the Vice-President of Communication and Strategic Development for the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau. In this role she created and executed the Bureau’s comprehensive ‘Plan for More’ marketing campaign that put Greater Cincinnati back on the map as a top-tier destination.

Kara Sanders

Kara Sanders - 2013

Since graduating from UC Blue Ash College and the University of Cincinnati, Kara Sanders has focused her career on ensuring that her colleagues have access to the educational opportunities that help them excel at their jobs and, in turn, provide a better life for themselves and their families.

As the Craft Education Coordinator for the Messer Construction Company, Kara oversees the professional development opportunities for more than 300 craft workers throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. She designs and implements numerous Department of Labor apprenticeship programs and has worked with the Department of Veteran Affairs to develop a career path for all individuals interested in a career in the construction industry.

Joshua L. Goode

Joshua L. Goode - 2012

Joshua Goode graduated from UC Blue Ash College at just 16 years of age. He went on to complete his education at UC's College of Arts and Sciences and College of Law. By 2005, he was a magistrate in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court. During his time at UCBA, Josh participated in student government as a Student Senator and served as a student representative of the college's Student Actiivities Committee. Today, Josh is owner of The Goode Firm, a diverse law practice serving clients in estate planning, estate administration, guardianship, adoption and civil litigation. He continues to give of his time as a volunteer to groups such as Make A Wish Foundation, Cincinnati Arts Association, Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati Ballet and Ensemble Theatre Company.

Joshua L. Goode

Dennis J. Riedmiller - 2012

Dennis Riedmiller knows a lot about working hard to achieve one's dreams. Since his graduation from UC Blue Ash College in 1973, Dennis earned his bachelors degree from UC and began a successful career in the insurance industry. He built his own businesses, Riedmiller and Associates, Riedmiller Properties and Insurance for One and My Generation. Dennis' volunteer and civic contributions are tremendous. He's held board positions with the Mongtomery Woods Neighborhood Association, the Big Brothers and Sisters Association of Warren and Clinton Counties and several other civic organizations. He served on the Chambers of Commerce for Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the Northeast Chamber of Commerce, the Children Without Association, Employers Resource Organization and the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau and regularly volunteers his time and expertise for UCBA alumni and campus events.

Joshua L. Goode

David R. Shearman - 2012

A 2008 graduate of UC Blue Ash College, David Shearman did not allow a military deployment to sideline his educational goals. Despite being called away in 2006 to serve a second tour of duty in Iraq, David returned to complete his Liberal Arts degree at UCBA. He received his bachelor's degree from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. He now holds the position of Veterans Office Coordinator at Georgetown. Beyond his educational accomplishments, David has shown tremendous distinction in service to his country, being awarded the Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, three Army Commendation medals, four Army Achievement medals and was named Soldier of the Month twice as well as Noncommissioned Officer of the Month once.

Tammy Mansfield

Tammy Mansfield, RN - 2011

Tammy Mansfield works as a Registered Nurse and is currently the manager of the University of Cincinnati AIDS Clinical Trials Unit yet still finds time to volunteer in the community.  She is on the Community Advisory Board at the hospital and has helped coordinate Lifest, which educates teens on HIV and AIDS.  Tammy also volunteers to speak to second year students at UCBA in the Mental Health/Chronic Illness course through the Nursing program. 

Joshua L. Goode

Rick Konrad - 2011

Rick Konrad is a model for "non-traditional" student success. After a life-time of giving back by volunteering for such organizations as the Historical Society serving as President (Reading, OH), the Fraternal Order of Eagles and receiving such honors as the Westside Community Center President's Award. He is now the City Manager of Fruitland, Maryland and manages a multi-million dollar city operation on the eastern shore of Maryland. Before that he served the City of Reading (OH) and the Village of Lockland (OH) as a Director of Recreation Facilities. Rick's advice to UCBA students is "follow your instincts in your career and your life. Don't be afraid to take a step back and adjust your path." 

Distinguished Alumni

Tamara E. Jones - 2010

Tami works hard in the professional area, but still makes time to give to her community.  She has served as Associate Director of P & G's External Relations team, where she lead the company's communication at every major marketing event around the globe but for more than a decade, Tami has been a Junior Achievement consultant in Cincinnati, teaching the elementary school program as a volunteer to more than 500 children.  She is an active volunteer for the Greater Cincinnati Alzheimer's Association and in 2008 joined the Board of Directors.  In 2005, she was recognized by the Greater Cincinnati YWCA as a "Rising Star" and is a graduate of the YWCA Rising Star board leadership program.

Distinguished Alumni

Michael Carr - 2009

Michael Carr finds time in his busy schedule to donate his time and talent as a professional musician to help raise money for various charities, participates in local community clean-up efforts, supports the local fire and rescue squads and, last but certainly not least, is a loving husband and father to two teenage daughters. Michael shows the same zeal in his professional role as Vice President and CIO at National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance corporation. Working full-time to pay his own way through college, Michael has since steadily moved up the corporate ladder, beginning as a programmer. Through his work and his volunteerism, Michael exudes compassion, altruism and caring.

Distinguished Alumni

Rebecca Lee, PhD, RN - 2009

As a student, Rebecca Lee consistently showed qualities that set her apart from other students. Since her graduation in 2001, Becky's accomplishments have continued, through an internship with The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and through her work as a member of a multidisciplinary research team at the Children's Hospital Medical Center where she was awarded the Graduate Student of Merit Award by the Ohio Public. Becky, is known as an extraordinary role model. First and foremost, she respects the worth and dignity of every person; throughout her educational and professional careers, she has been a constant voice for the underprivileged.

Jane Kettlehake

Jane Kettlehake - 2008

GJane Kettlehake is a health educator, instructor and community volunteer. Jane effectively balances many roles: Director of Imaging in the Radiology Department at The Christ Hospital; adjunct assistant professor for her alma mater; and prolific publisher and presenter on a wide range of radiology and health care topics. Beyond her many outstanding professional achievements, Jane is also recognized as a committed community volunteer, serving as President of the Board for the Komen Greater Cincinnati Affiliate, volunteer treasurer for the Race for the Cure, and for her continued role as advocate for education and as a mentor for students and current UCBA faculty members.

Distinguished Alumni

Gayle Heintzelman - 2008

Gayle Heintzelman shares core values with staff, volunteers and the community. In her position as CEO and President of Patient Care Services for Mercy Hospital Clermont, Gayle leads a team of 600+ health care professionals and more than 300 affiliated physicians. She’s known as a dedicated, caring leader and exemplifies the hospital’s core values of compassion, human dignity, sacredness of life and service. She also shares her talents and values in numerous professional and volunteer activities, including Greater Cincinnati Nurse Executives, the American Red Cross Disaster Response Team, the Ohio Nurse Executives, Emergency Nurses Association and many others.

Distinguished Alumni

Thomas M. DeNoma - 2007

Tom DeNoma was active as a UCBA student and is now actively serving community. During the two years Tom served as the president of the UCBA student tribunal, he played a vital role in ensuring student needs were shared with the college’s administration. But not all of his work was governmental; he also served on many events, including Information Day, graduation recognition, and the “Big Squeeze Run.” Tom completed a bachelor’s degree from UC and worked in the insurance field, most recently for Nationwide Insurance. In addition, Tom and his wife own a property management company and he’s active on the board of the Vision & Vocational Center, working to assist the blind.

Distinguished Alumni

Carol Fisher - 2007

Carol Fisher is a role model for her nursing students and her daughters. Balancing a nursing career with earning an MBA is challenge enough. Add to the mix raising six daughters, serving as Girl Scout leader and school volunteer, and in several professional organizations, such as Sigma Theta Tau Internationl and American Nurses Asociation, an you can imagine how hectic Carol's typical day is. After 20 plus years in the medical field, Carol combined her nursing skills with her love for business when she founded FirmAnalysis, a legal nursing consulting company. She's taught nursing classes at Winston-Salem State University and is listed in Who's Who in American Nursing.

Distinguished Alumni

Gregory P. Niesen - 2007

Gregory Niesen is president of New Richmond Bank and a local volunteer. Greg complemented his associate’s degree from UCBA with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from UC and earned his CPA designation in 1992. Since then, he has held increasingly responsible roles in the financial field, including positions with The Fifth Third Bancorp, Fidelity Financial and Winton Financial Corp. Since January 2005, Greg has served as president/CEO of New Richmond National Bank. He’s also active in the community, serving with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Clermont County, as a youth soccer coach, on the Clermont County Septic System Rehabilitation Financing Committee and numerous professional groups.

Distinguished Alumni

Clifford Jones - 2006

The first male to graduate from UCBA's Dental Hygiene program, Clifford broke new ground in 1984; since then, he's dedicated his career to helping the underserved in our society. He serves as the dental health consultant and program coordinator of the "Health Care for the Homeless" project through the Greater Cincinnati Oral Health Council, proving dental care, education and community outreach to help upgrade the quality of care for the homeless. He also is a member of and holds leadership positions with the Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless and the Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association.

Distinguished Alumni

Robert Smith, III - 2006

When he started in the very first class of UCBA's Weekend Degree program, Rob Smith didn't forsee how much his life would change. His ability to juggle 50-hour work weeks at a full-time job in addition to his studies and family life, job instilled a new confidence and determination to reach his goals. Now, as director of operations for TSS Technologies, Rob lives in Xiamen, China, where he is responsible for all aspects of bringing a world-class manufacturing facility to life, from plant design and layout to staffing and capital investment financing. He says that his time at UCBA truly opened new worlds of opportunity.

Distinguished Alumni

Elizabeth "Biz" McClure - 2005

Biz has been a professor in the dental hygiene program since 1990, returning to the campus six years after she received an associate's in dental hygiene. Due to her passion for learning, Biz later obtained bachelors and master's degree in in education. In addition to her work at UCBA, Biz gives an enormous amount of time to furthering her profession and improving health care in the community. She has served on the boards of the Greater Cincinnati Oral Health Council, Head Start Services and Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association and stays active coaching soccer and volunteering for the Anderson Park District.

Distinguished Alumni

Diane McPhillips - 2005

Diane McPhillips, nurse and assistant professor. Diane is a 1976 graduate of the Raymond Walters nursing program and, in 2000, she returned to campus to become an assistant professor, sharing her passion with a new generation of students. In 2002, Diane was the lead author or an $840,000 "Grant for Academic Initiative in Nursing" grant from the Bureau of Health & Human Services to make nursing education available to minority and underprivileged students. She currently serves as the program's academic advisor. She also created a new diversity course for the nursing department.

Distinguished Alumni

Gary Conroy - 2005

Dr. Gary Conroy, director of research and development at Rohm & Hass. Like most UCBA students, Gary held down a full-time job while pursuing his education. In fact, he worked full-time for the 22 years between when he graduated with his associate's degree in science from UCBA and when he earned his doctorate in Chemistry. Today, he manages a staff of 30 scientists who are involved in leading-edge research in the field of PVC stabilization. He is widely regarded as a leading expert in his field, holding seven US patents (with three more pending). In fact, his work in developing environmentally-friendly PVC stabilizers is considered crucial to the green chemistry movement.

Distinguished Alumni

Nancy Fitch - 2004

Juggling classes, full-time work and a family, Nancy personifies the 21st Century woman with grace and success. Following her graduation from UCBA, Nancy continued her studies, earning a master's degree from the University of Cincinnati and becoming a Licensed INdependent Social Worker. All the while, she never lost sight of her dream of helping others. In her job providing psychiatric evaluation of patients entering hospital's emergency room, she makes a positive difference in the lives of abused and neglected children in the community.

Distinguished Alumni

Sharon Keegan - 2004

Sharon E. Keegan, M.Ed.MR.T.(R), instructor of Radiologic Technology and a clincal coordinator, UC Blue Ash. By the time Sharon enrolled at UCBA, she had been out of high school almost a decade and was a working mother with four children. Despite her uncertainty, she graduated in 1986 as the student of the year, and then went on to a 16-year career at University Hospital. While working full-time, she earned a bachelor's degree in 1997, then a master's in 2003, both from the University of Cincinnati. Sharon considers her legacy part of giving back to her profession and to students. She is known for her commitment to patient care in a clinical setting, serving as an example in the field to professionals students.

Distinguished Alumni

Eric Broyles - 2003

Eric Broyles, senior counsel for America Online in Washington, D.C., started at UCBA in 1987 having no idea that in just 15 years he’d reach his dream of becoming a successful corporate lawyer. He was hired on by the No. 1 corporate law firm in the world, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. After three years, he moved on to America Online, where he is now involved with some of the most sophisticated commercial transactions available in business. On behalf of AOL, Broyles has negotiated deals with Forbes Magazine, Fox Television Network, the NBA, the NFL and many other companies and organizations.

Distinguished Alumni

Kelly Montchai - 2002

Kelly Sheeran Montchai worried she couldn’t “make it” in college. She started slowly with evening classes at UCBA and finally worked herself up to a full-time course load two years later. After UCBA, Kelly earned not just her bachelor’s degree in communication disorders, but also her master’s degree in speech and language pathology. While earning her degrees, she was selected for Phi Theta Kappa. She graduated summa cum laude. Clearly she “made it” in college. But her success didn’t stop after she earned her degrees. Kelly turned around to help others with their education. As a speech/language pathologist in the Deer Park School District, she has received rave reviews from adults and children for her skill and treatment strategies for students with communication problems.

Distinguished Alumni

Acie Walker - 2002

When Acie Walker was a UCBA student, he was instrumental in creating a Black Studies program and a Black Student Union. His commitment to diversity and fairness has continued in his career at General Motors. As a joint trainer at the GM Service Parts Organization in West Chester, he is known for his work to promote diversity and ensure fair hiring and advancement opportunities. In his career at GM, he has coordinated the ongoing educational services relationship among GM, the United Auto Workers, and UC Blue Ash’s Professional Development Center. He leads training for all eligible GM/UAW employees, retirees, and their spouses. Outside of work, Acie continues to be involved in tutoring and mentoring high school youth.

Distinguished Alumni

Bob Bozeman - 2001

After Bob Bozeman left UCBA in 1967, he was not only a witness to the birth and growth of the information technology industry, but he also became a critical player in its development. Bozeman has had senior management positions in high-tech companies such as Wang Labs, Altos, Vetronix and others. He also helped create Angel Investors L.L.P. — the venture capital money behind Internet success stories such as Ask Jeeves, Spinner.com, LoudCloud, Google, PayPal/X.com and more. Bozeman takes a personal approach to business, mentoring the people that run the new companies by offering business strategies, advice, and support on how to make the company work.

Distinguished Alumni

Michael and Rose Vitale - 2001

The Vitale’s say that they accomplish their goals by working together and supporting each other — it was that support that kept them going when they both returned to college some years ago. Michael Vitale worked at Procter & Gamble for 15 years before returning to UCBA to get the skills needed to advance his career. Rose Vitale was a stay-at-home mom before coming to UCBA to get started on a whole new career. Juggling work, classes, and the demands of raising a family, the Vitales both carried a 4.0 grade point average. Today, Michael Vitale is a leading force behind P&G innovations at the Ivorydale plant and Rose Vitale is a vice president at the Fifth Third Bank.

Distinguished Alumni

Elaine M. Hill  -  2000

Elaine M. Hill , attorney, domestic violence prosecutor, has overcome her impoverished childhood in Appalachia and many other challenges, including a divorce that left her a single mother. Despite these struggles, Hill managed to work steadily toward a law degree. After graduation, she headed for a position in the office of Florida State Attorney General Janet Reno. There, Hill prosecuted domestic violence cases for nine years, ultimately creating what is believed to be the first domestic violence court in the nation and becoming a champion for abuse survivors. Her portfolio includes many commendations from Reno for her legal skills, professionalism, and compassion.

Distinguished Alumni

Robert L. Schuler  -  2000

After many years in business, Senator Robert L. Schuler came to UCBA to increase his skills with a real estate degree. While studying he juggled many roles student, entrepreneur, husband, and father and his interest in public service continued to grow. He started out on The Deer Park Recreation and Parks Commission and moved on to the Sycamore Township Board of Trustees, the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission and other posts. In 1993, the same year he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives, Schuler received his associate degree from UCBA.

Distinguished Alumni

Douglas R. Wimmers  -  2000

Douglas R. Wimmers is a respected graphic designer and vice president of Miller-Meyers who earned his commercial art degree as an evening student, working throughout his studies. Among his many accomplishments, Wimmers received first place for the Best Yellow Pages Directory cover in the nation in 1998. He has shared his expertise with others by offering real-world presentations to UCBA's Communication Design students and hosting students at his work place for shadowing experiences. A former champion bodybuilder, he also coaches a myriad of children's sports, and proudly boasts that he can keep eighteen 9-year-old boys at attention and listening.

Distinguished Alumni

Mary Ann Stotts, R.D.H. - 1999

Mary Ann Stotts, RDH, dental hygienist, missionary has coupled with her desire to help those less fortunate. As a missionary on a Mercy Ship—a small fleet of boats that travel the world on medical missions—Stotts has gone to Romania, Ghana, Estonia, Lithuania and other sites bringing smiles to people's faces, literally. She was also the first dental hygienist to work with inmates at the Mansfield Correctional Institution. Active in her community, she has worked with homeless women and underprivileged children. She has also with Habitat for Humanity, and has been a youth leader and Sunday school teacher for her church.

Distinguished Alumni

Mark R.M. Otten - 1998

Mark R. M. Otten received his associate of arts in pre-forestry and wildlife management from UC Blue Ash in 1983. He earned a B.S. in natural resources from Ohio State University, and an M.S. in fisheries and wildlife from Michigan State University. Otten was previously a scientist with Enterprise Advisory Services, Inc. in Tupman, California and was responsible for design, coordination, and implementation of ecological studies to assess the effects of oil field developments on endangered species and their habitats.

Distinguished Alumni

Cynthia Stegeman  -  1998

Cynthia Stegeman, BS, MEd is a 1979 graduate of the UC Blue Ash dental hygiene program. She received her B.S. in public health from Indiana University School of Medicine, and a masters of education in nutrition from the University of Cincinnati. Stegeman has been affiliated with both Christ and St. Luke Hospital as a clinical dietician, and created the Healthy Habits weight loss program for St. Luke. She currently teaches nutrition and oral health to UCBA students, and has recently written the first nutrition textbook designed specifically for dental hygienists. Stegeman is active in her neighborhood and her church, and she speaks frequently on nutrition and health to community groups. She is the dietician for the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks hockey team.

Distinguished Alumni

Ann Treiber Naber  -  1997

Since graduating from the UCBA dental hygiene program in 1974, Ann Naber has been a leader in her profession. She has worked in private practice for 23 years, introducing many practice improvements. Mrs. Naber serves on the advisory board for the Sinclair Community College dental hygiene program, and piloted an innovative program on smokeless tobacco in Dayton area schools. She serves as legislative contact for the Dayton Dental Hygienists' Association, is a past president of the Ohio Dental Hygienists' Association,and is a trustee of the American Dental Hygiene Association.

Distinguished Alumni

Penny Lammert  -  1997

Penny Lammert, AA, BA, MS has taught physics, earth science, geology, and more to young women at Ursuline Academy in Blue Ash for more than 20 years. Her inventive and challenging teaching methods have been recognized by the General Electric Foundation through its GE STAR program, by the Tandy Corporation through its Technology Scholors program, and she has been nominated for the prestigious Ashland Teaching Achievement Award. She has chaired the Ursuline faculty for more than 10 years, moderates many school activities, and is a statistician for UC varsity sports and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Distinguished Alumni

Alyce Kennedy, M.D.  -  1997

Alyce Kennedy-Curl, AAS, BS, MD was a member of the first graduating class of UC Blue Ash in 1969. She worked nights as a medical technologist while finishing her bachelor's degree, and earned her M.D. from Wright State University in 1982. After a residency in family medicine, Dr. Kennedy moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she works in a clinic serving primarily Hispanic and Native American patients.

Distinguished Alumni

Michael Washington, Ed.D. - 1996

Michael Washington, AA, BS, MEd, EdD is an expert in and advocate for urban education. Founder and director of the Afro-American Studies Program at Northern Kentucky University, Dr. Washington is known for his writing and presenting on multiculturalism and the black educational experience in the 20th century. He wrote a survival guide for minorities and spearheaded a program with Procter & Gamble to recruit African American females.

Distinguished Alumni

Patricia Frese  -  1996

Patricia Frese, AS, BS, MEd combines her role of educator, researcher, volunteer, and practitioner with one aim in mind: to advance the field of dental hygiene. She has chaired the UC Blue Ash's Dental Hygiene Department, is a researcher on such diverse topics as animal dentistry and smokeless tobacco, an advocate for school and community dental education, and one of 14 national dental hygiene speakers to serve as a consultant to Procter & Gamble.

Distinguished Alumni

Daniel DeJonckheere  -  1996

Called a man with "an open hand, an open mind, and an open heart." A senior information technology architect for IBM who was recently chosen to design a computer tax system for the government of Thailand, also puts his computer skills to use as a volunteer consultant for Boys Hope. He also finds time to work in nursing homes and build trails for the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Distinguished Alumni

Elizabeth Betemps, Ph.D.  -  1996

Elizabeth Betemps, Ph.D., R.N. creates pathways to advancement for nurses. As director of the Educational Mobility and Accelerated Pathway Program at UC's College of Nursing & Health, Dr. Betemps believes that an associate degree is just the first step on an exciting career ladder for nurses. She lives what she teaches, earning an associate degree in 1974 and a doctorate as recently as 1992.

Marilyn U. Grismere

Marilyn U. Grismere - 1995

Marilyn U. Grismere, BS, MEd is a daily role model to UCBA students. This former student brings her practical and educational experience in office administration to the classroom, leading many students into professional success. Ms. Grismere has authored four books and given numerous presentations.

Mary Anne Christie

Mary Anne Christie  -  1995

Mary Anne Christie, AAB, BA is a trailblazer. She's worked for years to assure women a voice in the political process, and she made local history when she was elected the first woman mayor of Madeira in 1975. In addition to her public service, Ms. Christie owns a real estate appraisal business.

Distinguished Alumni

Donna J. Casey  -  1995

Donna J. Casey, R.N., M.S.N., O.C.N. is a leader in health education, creating programs which benefit nurses and patients. As an educational nurse specialist for Children's Hospital Medical Center, Ms. Casey has experience in cancer, diabetes, and pain control education.

Distinguished Alumni

H. Richard Burdick  -  1995

Lieutenant H. Richard Burdick, AS, BS exemplifies the new breed of law enforcement officer: educated, articulate, committed. A veteran of the Blue Ash Police Department, Lieutenant Burdick is a graduate of the prestigious Police Executive Leadership College and the FBI National Academy.

Jack C. Malott

Jack C. Malott - 1994

Jack C. Malott is director of radiologic administration at University Hospital. Mr. Malott has been recognized nationally for his service and publications in the field of radiology and is a Fellow of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and the American Hospital Radiology Administrators. Mr. Malott is a summa cum laude graduate of the UCBA Radioogic Technology program.

Montre VanAken

Montre VanAken - 1994

Montre VanAken, chief radiation therapist at University Hospital for five years, now practices medical dosimetry, or radiation planning, for Medical Radiologic Physics Group. One of the first local therapists to be certified in medical dosimetry, Ms. VanAken has presented at local, national, and international conferences. A 1975 UCBA graduate, Ms. VanAken draws on personal experience as a cancer survivor in her work.

Frank L. Mink, Ph.D

Frank L. Mink, Ph.D. - 1994

Frank L. Mink, Ph.D. began his extensive career in environmental management with an associate's degree from UC Blue Ash. President and chief toxicologist for Mink & Associates, Inc., Dr. Mink is a national expert on hazardous waste sites and their impact on public health and the environment. He returns to UCBA annually to visit with students in the environmental protection program.


Distinguished Alumni

Ronald D. Brown   -  1994

After graduating from UC Blue Ash in 1973, he earned a bachelor of business administration degree from UC's Clifton campus, and a J.D. from the University of Dayton Law School. Mr. Brown is an active community volunteer and a member of the current class of Leadership Cincinnati.

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