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Student Success Profile: Tara Dupps

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Making School Cool

Tara Dupps (Pre-Early Childhood Education, '15) knows what it takes to succeed in school: involvement, dedication and drive. And most importantly, the support to help you go the distance.

She's felt that support first-hand at UC Blue Ash.

“There’s a real sense of community here. Everyone is very supportive, and there are so many opportunities to grow.”

And grow, she has. As a student, Tara maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her college career while serving on campus as a Student Orientation Leader, a Student Ambassador, and founder of the college's Association of Student Educators.

Her most important involvement, however, is that which she's conducted off-campus: serving as director of Loveland Elementary School's Cool School Enrichment program. Each week, Tara supervised the program where children from challenging backgrounds gathered for extra academic and social assistance.

“Beyond helping kids with reading and math, Cool School helps kids learn much needed life skills that they’ll need to continue their success.”

Tara and her Cool School team was honored with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Award for their volunteer efforts.

“Receiving the award for Cool School was a great honor. But more rewarding than that is the difference we made in the lives of the kids.”

Her experience with Cool School has inspired Tara to work with at-risk children or those who have learning disabilities or behavioral issues.

“It’s important to me to advocate for the kids that need it most.”

Tara Dupps teaching elementary students


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