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Alumni Success Profile: Chris Hummer

Engineering Success, Taking Flight, Giving Back.

Chris Hummer (Pre-Engineering, 2004) took a few years off after high school before attending college; he chose to start at UC Blue Ash because of the small class sizes.

"I took a study skills class my second semester at UCBA and it really set me up for success. It got me back into ‘learning mode’ and helped me adjust to the high level of college academics."

Chris Hummer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

From there, Chris flourished at UC Blue Ash. He then continued on to earn his bachelor's and master's degrees from UC. A co-op experience at Wright-Patterson AFB turned into a full-time career that he's enjoyed for 11 years. Today, he works on all types of aircraft for the Air Force, enhancing their aerodynamics to ensure optimal efficiency.

Chris continues to give back to his alma mater as an active member of the UC Blue Ash Alumni Council.

“I got the education I needed to soar.”

"The thing that inspired me the most to get back to UC Blue Ash is that it always felt like home. Even with the renovations and updates to the campus, it still feels the same when I’m there."

Chris Hummer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


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