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Student Success Profile: Jercell Respicio

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The Image of Service

As a Student Ambassador, a pre-med student and a soldier in the U.S. Army reserves, Jercell Respecio is the image of service: to his fellow students, to his future patients, and to his country. And he's making all of this happen here at UC Blue Ash College.

Goal oriented Jercell Respicio says he wasn't interested in the party scene and distractions that come with large-campus college life. Fewer distractions and lower tuition were his initial reasons for choosing UC Blue Ash, but he soon discovered so many more reasons to call the college home. Jercell quickly became involved with student events around campus and took on leadership roles as a Student Orientation Leader (SOL) and a Student Ambassador. In the fall of 2017 he transitioned to UC Uptown to complete his bachelor's of science in biology and continue on a pre-med path, but you can still catch him around UCBA taking care of Ambassador duties.

Jercell Respicio standing in formation with fellow student veterans

Jercell studied both Biology and Pre-Med at UC Blue Ash College.

"What inspired me to be a SOL is that I could help prospective students coming in. Getting the opportunity to help students that are a little bit anxious coming in and giving them my two cents about what I did to be successful and getting them to take that into account is a good feeling for me."

"As the son of a nurse and the grandson of a decorated police officer in the Phillipines, I've always been attracted to both worlds: the discipline, focus, and commitment of a soldier and the giving nature of being a physician. These two career paths may initially seem different, but they define selfless service at their core." 

Jercell's dream after graduation from UC Uptown is to continue on to medical school and eventually become a physician in the U.S. army - and we know he is going to make that dream a reality.


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