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Student Success Profile: Lauren Altman

Lauren Altman sitting in a cafe

UC Blue Ash Made It Possible

Lauren Altman (Pre-Business, 2007) doesn’t tend to stay in one place very long. She has always been, as she calls it, “hyperactive”—which is how she first got started working in the bustling restaurant industry. While this sense of restlessness proved to be a challenge throughout school for Lauren, it suits her well now as she manages four very popular restaurant concepts (with 11 locations nationwide) including Bakersfield, The Eagle, and Krueger’s Tavern.

"I feel very lucky because I absolutely love what I do. I really enjoy travelling, meeting new people, and bringing new employees into our organization.”

Lauren says her favorite part of what she does is bringing people into the restaurant world and uncovering each individual’s unique skill set and abilities. While training new staff, she draws upon her experience at UC Blue Ash.

"The professors at UC Blue Ash recognized that everyone has different ways of learning. That was so important for me. I use that approach in the training I provide to new employees."

“There is no way I would be in the position I am in today without UC Blue Ash.”

In 2016, Lauren was recognized as the UC Blue Ash College UCBA Young Alumni Award Honoree for her achievements soon after graduation.

Lauren focused on the business management program while she was at UC Blue Ash, and was able to apply the lessons in the real world. "I couldn't believe how interesting the courses were and how I was able to take what I was learning in the classroom and apply it the next day to my job."

"I always knew I was smart, but I couldn’t prove it on paper. That changed at UC Blue Ash. My professors instilled the confidence I needed to advance my career.”


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