Student Story Video Interviews

Anastassia Jenjebir on how UCBA professors were accessible, and support labs were helpful. 

Jessica Brawand explains how the environment at UC Blue Ash was what she wanted from her education.

Amber England on how UC Blue Ash College prepared her to transition to a Bachelor's degree program at UC. 

Amber England, a Psychology Major at the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences, talks about how UC Blue Ash College made it possible for her to transition to the Clifton campus by providing her the environment, tools, help and advice she needed to figure out what she wants to do in life and the path she needed to follow to make it happen.

Tara Dupps talks about how her UC Blue Ash professors pushed her to reach her goals.

Tara Dupps (Pre-Early Childhood Education, ‘15) knows what it takes to succeed in school – involvement, dedication and drive. And most importantly, it takes the support to help you go the distance.

Katie Powers talks about how her UC Blue Ash professors pushed her to reach her goals.

As a future entrepreneur, Katie believes she has a good head for business and knows a good thing when she sees it. Listen to her talk about why she chose to continue her education at UC Blue Ash in the Applied Administration Bachelor's Program and how it fits with her goal to eventually have her own event planning business.

Chad Moore talks about going through the new Applied Administration Bachelor's Degree program, and the value of a UCBA education.

Chad found a seamless transition from his associate degree into the Applied Administration Bachelor's Program at UC Blue Ash. The result was a promotion to Technical Writer for the Kroger Company where he had worked in different technical service positions for nearly a decade. Listen to Chad discuss how he was able to advance his education and turn his job into a career.

Joseph Tran talks about choosing UCBA due to smaller class sizes, and was able to work through changing majors. 

Joseph Tran is a Psychology major who used his experiences at UC Blue Ash to decide what career path to take, including changing his majors. Joseph also touches on the assistance he received from the advising center and the Alumni Mentoring Program. 

Andy Jones on his growth at UC Blue Ash and how professors influenced his vision for his future. 

In this video UC Blue Ash student Andy Jones talks about how he's making it happen. Jones is an Organization Leadership major who's headed to the Clifton campus to continue his education. His goal is a Masters degree in Psychology.

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