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Student Success Profile: Joseph Tran

Joseph Tran working in the biology lab

First-Generation Student. Future Leader and Educator.

First generation students are some of our favorites, because they often come to higher education with unmatched energy and excitement. Joseph Tran (Pre-Psychology) is a perfect example.

“What drove me to college was the idea that I could grow up to be whoever I wanted to be and make an awesome life for myself because of my degree. "

Joseph has made use of just about every resource the college offers – from academic labs to the advising office – to make that dream a reality.

"My experience as a first generation student has been challenging at times, but also very meaningful. I’ve learned to ask a lot of questions."

At UC Blue Ash, we’re glad to answer questions, offer guidance and make the college experience everything you expect it to be. In fact, many of our faculty and staff were first generation students themselves!

"Everyone here wants to see you succeed, but it’s up to you to make it happen."


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