UC Blue Ash College

European Studies Program

European Studies is an interdisciplinary program with two main goals:

  • Enrich students' understanding of European history and culture
  • Develop students' appreciation of the different ways in which academic disciplines approach the study of Europe.

The Clifton campus of UC began this program, which allows students who are already taking European-themed courses to earn credits toward a certificate in European Studies. You can read more about the Clifton program at the Arts and Sciences website.

At UC Blue Ash, European Studies was created to help students planning a transfer to the Uptown Campus maximize their time and money by taking courses that are eligible for this certificate.

It is recommended that students follow the course guide to make the most of their opportunities at UC Blue Ash.

Who Should Take European Studies?

The European Studies certificate is recommended for all Liberal Arts students. In addition, students who plan careers in the following areas will find this certificate extremely useful:

  • Education and research.
  • Business and finance.
  • International health.
  • Government and law.
  • Religious studies.
  • Museums and the performing arts.
  • Translation and publication.

  Eligible Courses For European Studies Credit

Department of History, Philosophy, and Political Science

  • HIST 1005 European History I
  • HIST 2005 History of Britain, 1740-present

English and Communications

  • ENGB 2035 British Literature Survey II

Department of Foreign Languages

  • FREN 1001 Basic French I
  • FREN 1011 Extended Basic French I
  • FREN 1013 Extended Basic French III
  • GRMN 1001 Basic German I
  • GRMN 1011 Extended Basic German I
  • GRMN 1013 Extended Basic German III
  • SPAN 1001 Basic Spanish I
  • SPAN 1011 Extended Basic Spanish I
  • SPAN 1012 Extended Basic Spanish II
  • SPAN 1013 Extended Basic Spanish III
  • SPAN 2015 Spanish Composition and Conversation

Non-Degree Program

European Studies was created to help students planning a transfer to UC's Uptown Campus by maximizing their time and money at UC Blue Ash by taking courses that are eligible for this certificate. Learn about transistion-oriented programs.

European Studies Certificate Program Details

At UC Blue Ash, students may work on the requirements for European Studies. Both the original requirements and the new requirements under semester conversion are listed below. Students with questions about the requirements may speak to Timothy Forest, Coordinator of the program at UCBA, or Michele Vialet, Head of the European Studies program.

Getting Started with the Certificate

Students who wish to pursue the European Studies certificate should do the following:

  1. Meet with either Timothy Forest and Coordinator of the program at UCBA, or Michele Vialet, Head of European Studies for UC (based in Clifton).
  2. Declare their pursuit of the certificate at the Registrar's Office. They may do so at any point in their UC career, but they should not do so in their first term of study at UCBA. Students should only declare the certificate if they have been enrolled in UCBA for at least one term. (Students may still take courses for the certificate and receive credit for them during that first term, but declaration of the certificate should not happen in the first term of study.)
  3. Take courses that fulfill the requirements of the program. Note that two courses which are required for the program are only listed under "EUST" on the Onestop list of courses. These are the Introduction to European Studies and the Senior Capstone course. As of spring 2013, students may take the Introduction to European Studies at UCBA.
  4. When the student feels close to completion of the certificate, the student should meet with the Director of European Studies, Michele Vialet, to confirm all course credit. The Director will sign off on each student's certificate; for this reason, students must seek her confirmation of their completion of the certificate requirements. Questions about course eligibility may at any time be directed to Michele Vialet or to Timothy Forest, Coordinator of the program at UCBA.

Semester Requirements

All European Studies students must meet the A&S College language requirements in a European language (French, German, Italian, or Spanish) or, with permission of the Head of European Studies, a language of European cultural/historic significance (10-12 credit hours).

  1. Courses required for all ES students (6 credit hours total)
    1. EUST 1001 (Introduction to European Studies)
    2. EUST 5001 (Senior Seminar in European Studies)
  2. Two classes drawn from the topic of Languages and Literature. (6 credit hours total.)
  3. Two classes drawn from the topic of History, Culture, and Philosophy. (6 credit hours total.)*
  4. Two courses drawn from the topic of Social Sciences. (6 credit hours total.)*

Total credit hours: 24

*All courses drawn from "topics" (items 2 to 4) must both fit the discipline requirement in the topics title, and must clearly consider material of European cultural significance. For confirmation of a course's eligibility, see the Director of European Studies at Clifton (Michele Vialet) or Timothy Forest, Coordinator of the program at UCBA.

European Studies Courses Unique to UC Blue Ash

Blue Ash students should note the following classes that are unique to UCBA and do fulfill European Studies course credit:

  • European-themed Topics in Literature courses (for example, the Holocaust Topics in Literature course)
  • Introduction to French Film
  • France World Cultures
  • Survey of French Language Literature in Translation
  • German Culture in Film
  • Comedy in German Literature and Film
  • Survey of German Cultural History
  • Spain World Cultures
  • Study Abroad: British and German programs
  • History of Art courses, and more.


Contact Information

Timothy S. Forest, PhD
Coordinator, European Studies Program
Muntz Hall | Room 310
Phone: 513-936-1509
Email: EuropeanStudies@ucblueash.edu