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CCP Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to many of the most asked questions about the College Credit Plus program at UC Blue Ash College.

General College Credit Plus Information

The College Credit Plus Program (CCP) allows students, who are Ohio residents in grades 7-12, to apply to a participating institution to take nonsectarian, non-remedial courses for high school and/or college credit. Students must meet all University prerequisites and requirements prior to enrolling in a course.

For public school students, this program is at no cost to the student or family. Non-public and homeschool students must apply for funding each year to offset program costs. Please visit the State's CCP website for more information on non-public and homeschool funding.

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program that was created by College Board, it offers college-level curriculum to high school students with the option to participate in the formal AP examination at the end of the year. The score of the AP Exam may grant college placement and course credit to students. The AP course is offered through the high school and participation in the course is during the entire school year. For more information, visit the official College Board website or speak to your high school guidance counselor.

Ohio's College Credit Plus (CCP), formerly dual enrollment/PSEO, can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Taking a college course from a public college or university is free*. That means no cost for tuition, books or fees. Your high school may also have an agreement with a local college for specific courses to be taken at your high school, however, you can choose to take College Credit Plus courses from any college that offers a course that would benefit your future. This could include online courses. For more information, visit the official College Credit Plus website. Read CCP FAQs concerning public and non-public high schools.

Before You Apply

  • Faster paced courses: it's important for students not only to review their classwork, but to prepare for future lessons by completing assigned readings and staying on top of homework.
  • More study time is required. Students should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week, per credit hour enrolled, outside of the classroom to prepare for class, read textbooks/materials, review notes and group work, write assignments, and study for tests or exams, etc.
  • Need for proactivity. Students, not parents or counselors, are responsible for communicating with their professors via office hours and/or by email if they have any questions or concerns regarding their progress in class.
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is the law that governs the release of and access to student educational records.
  • Transcripts and grades can only be requested by the student; there are no exceptions.
  • Students, not parents or counselors, must email UC staff and faculty directly from their UConnect student email accounts.
  • Students may grant permission for their parents/guardians to have access to their academic record through the link provided on the College Credit Plus Blackboard page under the "FERPA" link or at UC's main site.

No, CCP students are not permitted to participate in study abroad programs as they are beyond the scope of this program.

No, students enrolled in CCP or other similar dual-enrollment programs are not eligible for University on-campus housing.

Applying to CCP

  • As a reminder, students taking at least one course on the college campus or online are required to submit official ACT/SAT scores as part of their application.
  • UC Uptown CCP requires official copies of standardized test scores sent directly from the testing agency. We do not accept copies of scores on high school transcripts.
  • Students may request scores to be sent to the University of Cincinnati by visiting Collegeboard (for SAT scores) and/or ACT's website (for ACT scores).
  • Please visit our CCP Application Procedure Overview page information regarding application requirements for on or off campus participation.
  • To send electronically: Counselors may elect to utilize the Slate.Org counselor portal to upload materials on behalf of individual students and to check student application statuses. Please contact cindy.jones@uc.edu for assistance.
  • To send physically by mail: Please send official signed and sealed transcripts to:

    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    University of Cincinnati
    PO Box 210091
    Cincinnati, OH 45221
  • For information regarding CCP funding eligibility and application for non-public and homeschool students, please visit the state's website.
  • Funding applications are typically due the second week in April.
  • Students should apply for the full number of credit hours' worth of funding they will need for the entire year. For example, Chemistry 1 and lab in Fall Semester plus Chemistry 2 and lab in Spring Semester equals a total request of 10 credit hours.
  • Funding awards are made for the entire CCP academic year (Summer, Fall, and Spring Semesters).
  • Funding application requires two important steps:
    • Creation of a SAFE account.
    • Submitting an application for CCP tuition funding by the posted deadline.

Course Transferability and Transcripts

  • Complete a preliminary transfer check on Transferology. Students will have to manually add the course instead of using the drop-down function for accurate results.
  • Check the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) and Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG), which provide information on general education courses that students can take for transfer across Ohio Public Institutions.
  • Speak with a representative from the institution you plan to attend. State that you are interested in applying and ask how the course in question will transfer over.
  • Prospective UC students with prior CCP coursework may contact:
  • CCP credits generally apply in one of three ways at UC: toward your major requirement, toward your general education requirement, or toward your total number of semester hours (free elective credit).
  • The best way to check how a course will transfer is by contacting the college office that houses your degree of interest. Please note, some institutions will not answer these questions until the student is admitted to the college or university as a matriculated student.
  • If you plan to attend any University of Cincinnati campus upon high school graduation, we will already have record of any UC CCP courses that you take through UC Uptown, UC Blue Ash, or UC Clermont.
  • If you plan to attend another college or university other than UC after high school graduation, you must order an official transcript for each institution through your Catalyst Portal. Detailed instructions on how to do so are available on the UC Uptown CCP Blackboard Page or below.
  • Yes. All CCP students must apply to UC Undergraduate Admissions as a first-time freshman student. Participating in UC CCP does not guarantee automatic admission into any degree program at the University of Cincinnati


Contact Information

CCP Program Director
Cindy Jones