UC Blue Ash College

Order Adjunct Decals

Adjunct Faculty/Temporary Employees are required to remit payment every semester in order to acquire a UC Blue Ash College parking decal.

  • If you are teaching six or fewer credit hours, you will need to remit $11.00 per semester.
  • If you are teaching seven or more credit hours, you will need to remit $22.00 per semester

Payment Options

Adjunct Faculty/Temporary Employees have the option of completing and returning this form in-person, sending it by mail, or completing the process online. If sending by mail, we will accept payment by check or money order.

Printable Form

Please return the completed form to the Business office in Muntz Hall Room 140

Complete Online

You may also pay for your decal by credit card online. Use the following online service to order your decal.

Receiving Your Decal

The Business Office will place your decal in your campus mailbox within two business days of receiving your completed form and payment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Business Office at 513-936-1520 or email babusoff@ucmail.uc.edu.


Contact Information

Muntz Hall - Room 140
Phone: 513-936-1520
Fax: 513-936-7170
Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday
Email: babusoff@ucmail.uc.edu