UC Blue Ash College

Institutional Research Additional Reports

Here are some additional reports and survey results for UC Blue Ash College.

Entering Student Success Institute (ESSI)

The purpose of the Entering Student Success Institute is to provide teams from a number of two year colleges across the country the opportunity to work with their SENSE data, to learn about strategies that can help improve the entering student experience, and to formulate an action plan for initiating appropriate strategies upon their return.

Assessments & Surveys

Transfer Assessment Reports

UC Blue Ash Satisfaction Surveys

The UC Blue Ash Integrity/Satisfaction survey is used as an assessment measure for North Central Accreditation. The survey, instituted in 1997, is administered to Students, Faculty and Staff.

Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement

The CCFSSE, designed as a companion to the Community College Student Report, elicits information from faculty about their teaching practices, the ways they spend their professional time, both in and out of the class, and their perception regarding students' educational experiences.


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