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Supporting Students Beyond the Course

The University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College provides an excellent and accessible education for students from a wide array of educational and cultural backgrounds. Our student-centered approach to teaching and comprehensive services engages students so that they can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. We promote innovative scholarship and creative works, free inquiry, lifelong learning, and service beyond the classroom.

The Learning and Teaching Center supports faculty in their efforts to help students gain the skills they need to be successful in college. This includes teaching not only the content of our courses, but also how to learn and how to negotiate the complexities of academic life. These resources are intended to help faculty with the many kinds of support UC Blue Ash can offer students.

Academic Renewal Task Force Tools

Here are some the tools we developed to facilitate in meetings with struggling students in our classes. Please note that these worksheets are simply tools that you might find useful in interventions with struggling students. When you meet with a student, most likely you will want to edit the meeting guide document to strategically choose the resources that would best benefit the individual discussion with the student.

This document is a Word document that you can edit and use for individual meetings with students who may be struggling in your class. These are simply some suggestions for guiding such a meeting.

These three documents are the appendix of additional resources that you may choose to use in the meetings, fill out with the student, or have the student complete on his or her own based upon your judgment of what might best apply to the given situation.

If you have any questions or comments about these documents, please feel free to contact Matthew.DeMatteo@uc.edu.


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