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Staff Performance Evaluation

Unrepresented Staff Performance Evaluations

Deadline: June 15

Please send your completed evaluations to UCBAHR@ucmail.uc.edu

Overview of the Most Recent Performance Evaluation Changes

  • The College Mission Statement is listed on the Cover Page
  • NA Rating: Not Applicable is a new rating that can be used IF the staff member’s job responsibilities would not entail any of that indicator
  • There are TWO Goals & Objectives pages utilized in the Evaluation Review Form. The first one is the second page of the form and it is used to list the goals that the staff member set for the previous year.  The very last page of the form (after the summary and signature page) is for anyone who wants to list their goals for next year – this is optional.
  • Only three goals are requested to be set/worked on throughout the year.  All Staff Members are requested to set one goal as Professional Development.  Many staff members have requested more opportunities for training – developing more skills for our personal and professional lives are important so we are encouraging all staff members and their supervisors to seek development opportunities.  Many opportunities are available from the UCBA HR Department, the UCBA Staff Representative Council, from the UC Learning & Leadership Development Group, Lynda.com, and Impact Solutions (UC’s Employee Assistance Program).  These opportunities are listed in more detail on our website.  We also encourage staff members and supervisors to seek opportunities through webinars, seminars, and conferences that are relative to their job responsibilities.
  • Competency 6: Managing Staff; This has been expanded to include those staff members who manage student workers as well as those who manage other UC staff members.  This was an important change as it more accurately reflects the work done by anyone who manages others.
  • Several small edits were made to more clearly define the competency or the indicator. (Such as changing the word organization to College). 

Training Opportunities for Professional Development Requirement:

Resources that are available include:

  • Professional on-demand webinars from Lynda.com and sharepoint. These topics include, but are not limited to communication skills, team buidling, management strategies, and working with personality differences.
  • Staff Development Workshop Series. These are workshops on conveniently campus here at UC Blue Ash and cover a wide variety of exciting topics.
  • There are also opportunities such as the lunch and e-learning series, the teaching and learning center seminars, and many more.
  • Contact UCBAHR@uc.edu if you are looking for a specific topic for training.

Getting Started:

  • Employees are encouraged to review the goals and objectives you set for yourself at the beginning of last year to see if there is anything you are still on track to accomplish. The best way to ensure meeting all goals is to review them often, with your supervisor/employee, and have a plan to fulfill them or carry them over to the next year if applicable.
  • Be ready to set new goals and objectives for the 2018-2019 year. PLEASE NOTE: You can now attach next years Goals & Objectives as the last page of this years Evaluation Review.

Performance Rating Definitions

UC Blue Ash uses a 4 point scale to rate our employees; with 4 being outstanding and 1 as unsatisfactory. (See ratings and definitions below)

  • UCBA has some of the most proficient and accomplished staff members in every department.  They are great at what they do for us; however, everyone MUST have some room for improvement, some goals to reach. Therefore, it’s not appropriate to score an Outstanding in every category. Remember, a score of "3" or Accomplished is a proficient and skillful employee; Outstanding (score of 4) is for those particular items that an employee has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND to help support the mission of the college or the department. (For instance, designed something that the whole department now uses to save time or make their job easier) 
  • Comments MUST be provided for any rating of a 4 or a 1. For a rating of 4, please provide a short, specific sentence or two about what the employee did to go above and beyond.  For a rating of 1, please provide a reason for the score and what has been done over the last 12 months to try to improve that situation. An overall Unsatisfactory rating will require a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for that employee.
  • Typing NA denotes that a section is not applicable to the employee. 
  • An employee can also be Too New to evaluate in some categories if they have been employed less than 6 months. You may type "TN" in some indicators if they have not yet demonstrated that skill. TN should not be used for all ratings. A numerical rating should be given for all other indicators.
Evaluation Rating Guide
4 (Outstanding)
Employee's performance is of exceptional caliber and he/she has made a superior contribution. Employee's performance far exceeded expectations and job requirements through conceptualizing and accomplishing results, which significantly furthered goals. The employee's highly developed level of expertise and responsiveness has made asuperior contribution to the college. Supervisor will be able to define what work was exceptional and led to a superior contribution.
3 (Accomplished)
Employee performed job responsibilities proficiently and skillfully. Employee's knowledge and job behavioral skills and initiative were applied consistently to meet job challenges. Goals and objectives accomplished and competencies have provided a considerable contribution to the college.
2 (Needs Improvement)
Employee's performance has not fully met expectations and job requirements. While some accomplishments may have been shown, a more consistent demonstration of increased job skills, initiative, attainment of goals and objectives; and/or performance behaviors is needed to fulfill expected job requirements and meet accomplished performance standards.
1 (Unsatisfactory)
Employee's performance was well below expectations in performance competencies. Employee's attainment of goals and objectives, and competencies were well below identified expectations. A performance improvement plan (PIP) is required.
TN (Too New)
The employee is still developing in a new position that has been held less than 6 months. There has been insufficient time to evaluation goals and objectives.
It is also acceptable to type N/A in the comments box if a particular category does not apply to your employee. A NA rating will not count against their final score.

Goals & Objectives Section

This section is for discussing outcomes of the goals and objectives that you and the employee set up last year. An optional second goal page is at the end of the evaluation form. You can use this page to set up next years goals.

Please Note: Employees are required to have One Professional Development Goal and only three goals in total.

  • Employees are required to have one "professional development" goal to acquire new knowledge and skills that relate to the employee's job responsibilities or work environment.
  • Employees and supervisors should work together to determine two other goals relevant to the employees position.

Example Competency Rating Sections

Consider each competency as it relates to the employee's performance for this past year. Below is an example review to demonstrate the proper method:

  • Scores of 2 or 3 do not require any comments. You may write one if you wish.
  • TN and NA ratings do not require comments.
  • Note that the score of 4 or 1 has a reason indicated in the comments section.

Changes to Compentency 6: Managing Staff:

  • This section has been changed to also include supervising student workers.
  • This section will now be applicable to many staff members who did not complete it in prior years.

Summary Section

The summary section includes a comment section for both the supervisor and employee. It is strongly encouraged for each to write a summary of the evaluation here.

The Supervisor and the Staff Member must sign the document. The most efficient way is to electronically sign the document by clicking in the signature line. UCBA IT can help if you have trouble doing this. A printed copy with signatures is acceptable as well and can be turned in to Kristy Otten in the dean's suite prior to June 15.

If your "Reviewer" is the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs or the Dean please submit your evaluations to HR with only the supervisor and staff members signatures. The HR Department will collect all reviews for the approval of the Dean or Associate Dean.

Please send your completed evaluations and questions to: UCBAHR@ucmail.uc.edu


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