UC Blue Ash College

Biology Club

Club Statement

We love science, particularly the wonderful field of biology. Our club seeks to promote and foster a passion for life and all of it endless possibilities by exploring organizations levels anywhere from biomes down to molecular biochemical interactions. We seek truth and understanding, and are powered by the thrill of discovery. Our meetings host lectures, peer presentations, and field trips. We are an all inclusive club, driven been our members who openly share their ideas and findings. All club activities are a direct source of member participation. Everything begins with an idea, we want to see yours grow.

Student Officers

  • Luisa Colapietro

Why join the Biology Club?

We have great opportunities for exploring a major in biology. We dive deeper into concentrations offered at UC through discussion, lectures, field trips, and by connecting students with professors and experiential learning opportunities like internships and undergraduate research.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Lecture series
  • Weekly Naturalist hikes on UCBA's unseen campus
  • Film series
  • UCBA Garden revitalization
  • Field trips to professional workplaces
  • Internship/Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Meeting & Events
  • TBD


Contact Information

Patrick Owen - Faculty Advisor

Keen Wilson - Faculty Advisor

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5773
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu