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Business Networking Club

Club Statement

The Business Networking Club is a business community founded by students and for the students within the UC Blue Ash Campus. This organization creates an environment for members to network and fully comprehend the nature of real world business while engaging in enjoying, bonding activities. A common statement is “it's all about who you know,” and we are taking that idea to fruition. Communication between business devoted students is an essential goal of ours, as we believe helping students network is beneficial for all business majors by providing impactful advice from one another. Therefore, we will help connect and associate students with each other through things like aiding one another in class advice and school work. BNC is for the networking of passionate business students and serves as an extracurricular academic activity to prove a commitment to the betterment of individuals professional careers.

BNC will have a core focus on business-related networking and entrepreneurial opportunities by hosting numerous numbers of prestigious speakers to provide insight of their specific jobs and individual advice for students interested in the business field. These speakers will include executive officers, accountants, chairman/chairwoman, business consultants, individuals involved in sales, franchise owners, investors, and various other entrepreneurs. Allowing external speakers to come in allows the members to network themselves but also gain many helpful tips for their career plans. This serves as a gateway to internships and career information from the business professionals that join us. As a club, we strive to form a well-connected group of members and will organize activities that includes attending sports events, volunteer work, and hosting business related projects to help develop relationships within the club. Projects include helping invest together, such as stock investments, as we plan to hold several investment projects over the course of our time as a club. Additionally, open discussions will be held which consist of current business topics/breaking news and brainstorming ideas with others for ways to make money by allowing business majors alike to help with one another's business plans, company start-up ideas, and so forth. In the end, this club is meant to be a platform for business majors to connect, rather than being a strict, non-lenient association.

As business centered students we will; visit local businesses, connect job shadowing opportunities with students, and attend events such as 1 Million Cups, a free national event designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs. Events are in most cases spontaneous, and Professor Kent Lutz has kindly accepted a role to be our academic advisor and will assist the club if need be. Lastly, it is important as a club to give back to the community. This will be accomplished through charitable work and volunteering at nonprofit organizations over the duration of our club's existence. In addition, fundraisers will be held periodically to provide capital for our club to use. 
Student members are also encouraged to pitch their own ideas for the club during meetings or through contacting the club executives. These ideas may contain, possible speakers, or opportunities/events to attend that may be beneficial for BNC. Some suggestions include fundraising ideas and volunteering as well.

This club is welcoming to anyone on campus, even non-business majors. We simply urge interested students to RSVP by contacting one of our executives. Contact information will be requested upon from new members at meetings.

Student Officers

  • Kyle Szanti
  • Alex Bentley
  • Caleb Gooch
  • Nick Smith


Contact Information

W. Kent Lutz - Faculty Advisor

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-745-5773
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu