UC Blue Ash College Scholarship Application

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Scholarship Deadline Information

The UC Blue Ash scholarship application deadline is November 23, 2018. The committee will collect data and review applications over the next month or so. Scholarship notices will be emailed directly to applicant’s UC email accounts.

Please be checking your UC email for notifications. If you have an questions, please email scholarships@ucblueash.edu. Good Luck!

Tips for Successful Applications

Allow plenty of time.

Once you begin the online application, you are not able to save and return to complete the process. Make sure that you have plenty of time to complete the application in one sitting. It should take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete.

Prepare essay responses.

Many of the scholarships require short essay responses along with the application. Prepare your responses ahead of time to ensure they are thoughtful, complete and presentable. You’ll be able to copy and paste your responses from a text document directly into the application form.

Provide faculty recommendations.

All scholarships require recommendation from a UCBA faculty member. During the application process, you’ll need to provide the name of the faculty member who will be providing your recommendation. Make sure to give the faculty member a heads up prior to listing them on your application!

Apply early.

The application window is brief. Submit your application early to avoid any issues with submission.

Information Included in Application: 

  • Available scholarships and the criteria for each
  • Application Requirements
  • Submission Guidelines

Scholarships are available in two different seasons

  • The fall semester scholarship application is available in January and provides scholarship awards for the academic year following the competition. 
  • The spring semester application is available in October and provides scholarship awards for the spring semester following the competition.

Scholarship applications and descriptions are available and posted here when the applications are live. Applicants should review this information on eligibility requirements and individual scholarship criteria. Applications must be complete and submitted by the published deadline to be considered for scholarship.

Contact Information

One Stop Service Center
Phone: (513) 745-5740
Email: scholarships@ucblueash.edu