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CPS Success Coaching

success coach meeting with a student in her office


  • All first-year Cincinnati Public School (CPS) students will be paired with a success coach for the duration of  their first year at UC Blue Ash
  • Students invited by Assistant Dean to select a workshop time that fits their class schedule – using Survey Monkey registration – to determine pairing
  • Reminders sent through Canvas site and reiterated at orientation
  • Success Coach begins outreach to students assigned to their cohort
  • Students expected to attend monthly 1:1 meeting with coach and attend bi-weekly workshops during semester, beginning week three
  • Students added to CPS Student Canvas community to track participation and streamline general communications

Cincinnati Pride Grant (CPG) recipients (Pell-eligible with HS GPA > 2.2) and CPG hopeful (Pell-eligible with HS GPA < 2.2) must complete success coach program to be eligible for CPG award in subsequent semester.

Mission & Learning Outcomes


Positivity. Patience. Perseverance.


Our mission is to inspire and empower students to confidently and capably navigate their transitions to college, and be healthy human beings, engaged learners and involved community members within and beyond UCBA.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be aware of habits that promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • Students will incorporate physical and emotional well-being activities into their daily time and task planning routines
  • Students will monitor and reflect on their physical and emotional well-being.
  • Students will be aware of resources pertaining to emotional health challenges and enhancement of well-being.
  • Students will be aware of habits that support academic success.
  • Students will monitor and reflect on their academic progress, celebrate their strengths and accomplishments and continually enhance their learning strategies and behaviors.
  • Students will be aware of people, resources and opportunities that can support their success at UCBA and UC and enhance their overall experience at UCBA and UC.

Success Coaches

Headshot of Dr. Alice Hicks

Dr. Alice Hicks

Program Coordinator

Headshot of Missy Graf

Missy Graf

Program Coordinator

Headshot of Micah Lyles Robinson

Micah Lyles Robinson

Program Coordinator


Contact Information

Academic Affairs - Greg Metz
Muntz Hall | Room 140
Phone: 513-745-5670
Email: Greg Metz