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Change Your Schedule

Adding and Dropping Classes

  • Alterations to the student's schedule involving the addition of one or more classes, changes in class sections, or changes in credit status, may be submitted by logging in to the Catalyst website.
  • From the eighth (8th) day of the term through the fifteenth (15th) day of the term, additions to a class schedule requires only the approval of the instructor. Thus, only the class instructor's permission is required, through the fifteenth day of the term. To begin the process, complete the online Closed/Time Period Class Permissions form below. A college signature is not required.
  • Beginning with the sixteenth (16th) day of the term, however, both the approval of the instructor and the college are required. To begin this petition process, please speak with a University Service Associate in the the One Stop Office at UC Blue Ash College located in Muntz Hall room 150 or by calling 513-745-5740.

Withdrawing From Classes

After the 15th calendar day of the term (consult the appropriate academic calendar for summer term dates), but within the term, the student may withdraw from one or more classes, as follows:

  • Students may withdraw from classes through web registration if the instructor permits web withdrawals (refer to the instructor's class syllabus). Students and instructors both will receive e-mail notification of the withdrawal. Students are assigned a "W" grade at the time of the withdrawal, but instructors reserve the right to change the "W" to an "F" through the final grading process.
  • The last day to withdraw from a class is the 58th calendar day of the term (consult the appropriate academic calendar for the specific date).

After the last day of withdrawal, no withdrawal will be approved, except for reasons beyond your control (such as sickness, accident, etc.). The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will be the judge of these exceptions.

Proper Withdrawal Guidelines

Certain actions are not considered official notification of withdrawal. These are:

  • assuming classes will be cancelled because you don't pay your fees
  • failing to attend class; giving notice to an instructor
  • stopping payment on a check used to pay fees
  • crossing out course(s) on the schedule/bill
  • returning only partial payment to the cashier
  • verbally notifying any university office

To Withdraw From All Of Your Courses

Students who want to withdraw from all of your courses must initiate the withdrawal process by logging into your Catalyst account by the university deadline. Complete withdrawals cannot be taken over the telephone.


Contact Information

One Stop Service Center
Phone: 513-745-5740
Email: onestop@ucblueash.edu