UC Blue Ash College

Student Course Permission Procedures

Permission Request for UC Blue Ash Class

Students who wish to add a UC Blue Ash course and are receiving an error message, may use the UC Class Permissions Request Form to request permission to enroll in the course.

Students can request permission for the following:

  • Closed Class (class is full)
  • Do not meet the requisites
  • Class requires department or instructor consent
  • Late Adds (error message reads "This class requires permission to enroll. This class is scheduled in a session where permission is now required to enroll."    
    • Please review the Registrar Office's How to Guide if wanting to change or swap sections of the same class after open enrollment, or if the course is in a Flex term.

Once you've submitted this form, if your request is approved by the Instructor of Record or Academic Unit Head, permission will be posted and communicated to the student by via UC email. The student must enroll themselves via Catalyst by the established university deadline, whichever date comes first. If you have additional questions, contact UC Blue Ash Course Permissions.

UC Blue Ash Student Request Permission to Withdraw Past Deadline

UC Blue Ash students who wish to petition to withdraw from a course after the last day to withdraw online as indicated in the Dates and Deadlines Calendars require an Add/Drop Form with instructor and student's home college approval(The error message states, "You do not have access to perform this transaction at this time.").

Dropping or withdrawing from a class or classes can have an impact on financial aid for the current term or future terms. It is important to speak to a Enrollment Services Specialist before withdrawing from classes. This action can also have an impact on your academic progress towards your program completion. You should speak to your academic advisor to understand the academic ramifications of your request.

Again, before you complete this form, please speak to your UCBA Academic Advisor, and if receiving financial aid, an Enrollment Services Specialist to discuss the impact of requesting a late withdrawal.

Steps for Completing the Add-Drop Form:

  • Fill in all of the information in the top section (name, M#, home college, & semester)
  • Fill in the correct information for the class you are requesting the withdraw in the Drop Class Section
  • Sign the form (do not type in name)
  • Obtain Instructor's signature (also needs to be a signature, can sign electronically)
  • Once the above is filled in and signed, the form can then be submitted through the link below for students whose home college is UC Blue Ash. 

This form is ONLY for the use of UC Blue Ash students wishing to withdraw from a course.  If your home college is not UC Blue Ash, please refer to your advisor on how to obtain College Approval.


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