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"We have an unwavering commitment to your success and will do all we can to inspire and support you on your academic journey."

-Robin Lightner, Dean, UC Blue Ash College-

$6,790 In-State Tuition

Low tuition plus a UC education equals great value!

Top 10 Most Popular Programs by Enrollment

  • Pre-Business Administration
  • Pre-Health Professions
  • Information Technology
  • Psychology
  • Business Management Technology
  • Exploratory Studies
  • Pre-Health Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Nursing Technology
  • Pre-Criminal Justice

45% First-Generation

Nearly half of our students are the first in their families to attend college.
Edlin Maldonado-Fuller working in the lab

Edlin is a first-generation college student who grew up in Texas and speaks Spanish fluently. She learned from her past college experiences and knew what she was looking for this time around. She found it all right here at UC Blue Ash.

I have been completely blown away. The dedicated professors and the resources that are available are amazing. I don’t think I have ever been able to connect with my professors previously as I have at UC Blue Ash. I hope that a lot of people are able to find this because it’s what the educational experience should be.

Edlin Maldonado-Fuller, Pre-Medicine

Expert Faculty

Professor Yoshi Odaka in the lab with a student

Professor Yoshi Odaka, Biology

For as long has he can remember, biology professor Yoshi Odaka has been fascinated by the working of organisms – and he never grew out of it! At UC Blue Ash, he thrives on research, and loves to get his students involved. His most recent research project revolves around the so-called “brain-eating amoeba,” N. fowleri, which he has studied extensively. Odaka routinely gives his students the opportunity to present their research with him at national microbiology conferences.

“I love the opportunities to work with students of diverse backgrounds in a small enough class where I can see the face of every student. At UCBA, the mission is not just a statement – we actually practice diversity every day.”

Professor Lori Wortylko helping a student in the classroom

Professor Lori Wortylko, Marketing

Marketing professor, and self-proclaimed high-end-shoe-afficianodo, Lori Wortylko is a perennial favorite of her students.

She received UCBA’s Inclusive Excellence Award in 2020 and was nominated by one of her students for the university’s prestigious Barbour Award for faculty-student relations. Students love Wortylko’s infectious energy in the classroom, and it’s not hard to see that her passion for education truly does shine.

“I love watching my students grow and flourish over their collegiate career. It’s humbling and truly amazing when I get the ‘I’m graduating and I want you there’ email. It triggers ALL of the happy tears!”

#1 in Diversity

UC Blue Ash is the most diverse college in the University of Cincinnati.

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