Step 1 of the UC Blue Ash Admission Process: Apply Now

Step 1 for Applying to UC Blue Ash College
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The first step to becoming a UC Blue Ash College student is to complete an online application. In addition to completing the online application, you will need to pay the $50 Application Fee and submit transcripts. If you haven't already, be sure to review the Steps for Admission. This includes deadlines and the all steps that need to be completed so you can register and attend classes.

Apply to UC Blue Ash College

Two Ways to Submit an Online Application (choose only one option)

  • Option One: Complete the UC Blue Ash College application through UC's Web Portal. In order to begin an application, you will be asked to create an application account, including your email address. Also, be aware that some email providers, like Yahoo, filter email from UC as junk or prevent it from being delivered at all. Please be sure you add to your email’s whitelist to ensure you receive communications from UC.
  • Option Two: Use the Common Application. This option is especially convenient if you are a high-school senior with plans to apply to multiple universities, since you'll only have to fill out the form once. This option is for first-time applicants only. Transfer students MUST apply via the UC Web Portal.

Pay $50 Application Fee

After completing an application, you will need to pay a $50 application fee. This is unless you attend one of our Open Houses or Express Application Events, where you can apply for FREE in person on our campus. Payments are made in the same application tool used to submit your application.

Send Your Transcripts

Applicants - If you are a high school student, you must ask your guidance counselor to send us your transcript. If you are transferring from another college or university, you must request a transcript from each institution where you have completed college coursework.

Send all official*, sealed transcripts directly to:

University of Cincinnati • Office of Admissions
PO Box 210091 • Cincinnati, OH 45221-0091
*Official transcripts must be sent directly from the school in a sealed envelope.
See transcript requirements for more details.

Send Final Transcripts

If you are a graduating high school student, you will need to send a FINAL High School transcript AFTER graduation (before July for Fall start, and is required for Financial Aid).

Transcripts must be received prior to the application deadline for the term you are preparing to start in. Get the details on all upcoming deadlines.  

Allow Time For Review & Checking Your Status

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your application to be reviewed after all documents have been received. Notification of admission decisions will be sent by email. Check your status online at the Undergraduate Admssions Status portal.

Things to Complete Immediately After Completing an Online Application and Sending Transcripts

After completing an online application, paying your fee (unless waived), and submitting transcripts, you should complete the following in order to set yourself up for success.  

Submit ACT scores

Having completed the ACT is preferred for admission in 2017-18 and will be required for admission to UC Blue Ash for freshman applicants starting with the 2018-19 academic year. Qualifying ACT scores can be used in place of placement tests to determine what math and English courses students can start in at UC Blue Ash College.

If you intend to submit ACT scores, you should do so as soon as possible so that you can be sure if you will need to complete any placement tests. Review the placement testing requirements for UC Blue Ash College.

Apply for Financial Aid

The reason applying for Financial Aid is included here at this point is that we recommend starting your financial aid process as early as possible if you will be seeking assistance. Apply for free at: UC/UCBA Code: 003125 *Start early for best results. (Available annually beginning in October.)

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Contact Information

Admission Office
Phone: (513) 745-5700