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Pre-Health Professions


Why study Pre-Health Professions?

This is a one-year, non-degree program for students who are interested in applying to the following programs: Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting (Certificate), Nursing, and Radiologic Technology. Students in the Pre-Health Professions program may take no more than 30 semester hours as they prepare to meet selective admission criteria for their desired program. Once they have reached this limit, they must apply to the above programs, change to a degree-granting program, or become non-matriculated students. Students within the Pre-Health Professions program must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5. If a student's GPA falls below the 2.5 minimum, then they will be required to meet with a professional advisor and complete a college workshop regarding their selected major. If the student's GPA remains below the 2.5 minimum for two semesters then the student will be required to change his or her major. 

The Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting, Nursing and Radiologic Technology programs use a selective admission process so Pre-Health Professions students must apply to one of these programs online during the deadlines specified by the program. Only students who meet selective program admission criteria will be permitted to apply. See your academic advisor for details.

Admission Requirements

This program is open to all students with a high school diploma or GED. 

Students in this non-degree program will work best with a variety of learning styles and if they like to work with people. 

Completion of the Pre-Health Professions non-degree program does not qualify students for any licensure or certification for employment. This program is for students who are interested in applying to the following programs: Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting (Certificate), Nursing, and Radiologic Technology.

Current and admitted students can locate advisor contact information for Pre-Health Professions via the UCBA advising website.

If you are accepted into the Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting (Certificate), Nursing, or Radiologic Technology program from this program, your Program Director will assist you in changing your major.

Application Deadlines

An online application for the Dental Hygiene, Medical Assisting (Certificate), Nursing, and Radiologic Technology programs will be available on the UC Blue Ash College website. General selective admission information for these programs is available at the UCBA Admissions website.

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Contact Information

Allied Health Program Coordinator
UC Blue Ash College
Cincinnati, OH 45236
(513) 558-7928

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