UC Blue Ash College

Advising Philosophy

The goal of academic advising at UC Blue Ash College is to promote the academic success of students. Academic Advisors at UCBA follow a student-centered approach within our advising philosophy. Our goal is to help students become educated citizens both in and outside the classroom by constructing academic and career goals, engaging in educational planning, and making connections across the University. This is accomplished through shared responsibility on the part of the student and the advisor.

Our office embraces the college motto of “We make it possible. You make it happen.”  Academic Advisors at UCBA work to be accessible and to develop positive relationships with our students in which they should feel accepted and valued. We support an environment free of discrimination and harassment and strive to treat all members of our community with dignity and respect.

Advisors at UCBA are committed to being knowledgeable about the academic programs at UCBA and university policies so that we can provide accurate and timely information to our students.  We endeavor to facilitate relationships across the University so we can advocate for the needs of our students and encourage our students to work interdependently with resources that the University provides.

Our advisors are actively involved with professional development so that we are knowledgeable of best practices within our field.  We are dedicated to professional growth because we cannot help our students grow if we are not willing to grow ourselves.  We are committed to using various advising models and theories to benefit our students. 

Our hope is that our students find it easier to navigate their academic journeys by developing positive, comprehensive relationships with us. Ultimately, we hope that this shared relationship provides students the opportunity to make the best decisions about their education.


Contact Information

UC Blue Ash Advising Center
Muntz Hall Room 125