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Placement Testing

As part of the UC Blue Ash response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all on-campus testing is temporarily unavailable. Tests will be online only until further notice.

Placement tests in English and Math are required for students who do not have college-ready ACT/SAT scores or official transcripts with qualifying college credit. The Reading Placement Test is required only for CPAS students who did not submit an ACT or SAT score. Placement tests will assist advisors in placing you in the correct classes. You are strongly encouraged to take all your placement tests at the earliest session available to you.

Overview & Deadlines

After you complete step two of the admission process (confirming your admission) to UC Blue Ash College, you need to take your placement tests.

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Note: If your placement testing is not completed by the designated deadline for your orientation, your orientation reservation will be cancelled.

How to Complete Placement Testing

Use the steps below to successfully complete placement testing!

Determine which placement tests you need to take

All students are required to complete placement testing, unless they have qualifying ACT/SAT scores, or appropriate transfer credit. Click below to learn about the different placement testing requirements. 

Note: Transfer and Dual-Enrollment credit may also qualify for test exemption. Official transcripts from those schools must be submitted to the University of Cincinnati and processed.

Online Placement Testing

As part of the UC Blue Ash response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all on-campus testing is temporarily unavailable. Tests will be online only until further notice.

UC Blue Ash College offers Math and English placement testing online (currently on-campus testing is unavailable). Please note, if you are required to take the Reading placement test, it must be taken during the Fall semester in a proctored environment.  See below for further information about completing  placement testing online:

Register for Placement Testing

Due to COVID-19, on-campus testing sessions are temporarily unavailable. However, support for navigating the online placement tests will be provided. To schedule a time to take the test with guided support, please email placementtesting@ucblueash.edu or call and leave a message at 513-745-5783.

If you have had an IEP or need accomadations from the UC Blue Ash College Accessibility Resources Department, please contact 513-792-8625.

Review Practice Material

UC Blue Ash College has provided a free series of tutorials to help students prepare for college level coursework. The tutorials review materials for the Math and English placement tests.

Take Your Test and Register for Orientation

For our faculty and staff to best support you, it is imperative that you complete your placement tests prior to attending orientation. Your placement testing deadline is determined by your orientation date.

You must also register to attend your required UC Blue Ash orientation. You are not automatically registered for an orientation session by completing placement testing.


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