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Types of Degrees

UC Blue Ash College provides a wide range of degrees, programs and certificates that will prepare you for success. Whether you're interested in an associate degree to start your new career or a bachelor's degree to advance it, we can help.

Our programs and small class sizes help you build a foundation for a successful career. Our accreditation and quality academics ensure that if you transfer to another college or university, your credits will transfer with you.

If you're not sure about what you want to do in the future, we also have advisors and career counselors who can help you find the degree and potential career options that fit you.

Career-Oriented Associate Degree Programs

Career-oriented associate degree programs prepare you for entrance into specific careers after two years of study. These programs are designed for students who wish to begin their professional career in their field of study after earning an associate degree.

Transition-Oriented Associate Degree Programs

Transition-oriented programs provide students with the first two years of their education before transitioning into a baccalaureate program at our college, the UC Uptown campus, or another college or university.

Each year, hundreds of students transition from UC Blue Ash to the UC Uptown campus. Their performance after transition speaks volumes about the level of preparation they receive from our college.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Take your associate degree to the next level!

As part of our continued growth and our focus on providing new opportunities for our students, UC Blue Ash College offers two bachelor's degree programs!

The Bachelor's degree programs in Technical and Applied Studies and Radiation Science Technology offer qualifying students a path to enhance their marketability as an employee or new graduate.

Additional Programs and Certificates

One-Year Certificate Programs

Our one-year certificates are designed for students who might be interested in eventually pursuing an associate degree, but want to earn the education and credential that allows them to begin a professional career after one year.

Professional Certificate Programs

Our professional certificates are designed for students who already have their bachelor's degree and want to earn an added credential in a specific area of study.

Non-Degree Programs

Our Non-Degree Programs allow you to earn credits that could potentially apply toward a professional degree, such as Law or Pharmacy. While we don't offer degrees in these programs, we provide the advising track and courses that can help you get started.


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