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Emergency Preparedness

Protecting Our Community.

The University of Cincinnati, like any other community, is vulnerable to a wide range of natural and man-made hazards. UC has programs in place to help prevent and respond to emergencies. The Department of Public Safety, through the Emergency Preparedness Task Force, coordinates these plans.

When an emergency occurs, we utilize several tools to communicate with members of our community in a quick and coordinated manner. These tools include:

  • voice notification system
  • text message
  • email
  • Bearcat Guardian App
  • electronic signage boards
  • website
  • social media (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Campus Safety Network (Nixle)

Safety Resources

Save These Numbers in Your Cell Phone

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 513-556-1111

Receive Alerts

To stay abreast of critical information regarding campus safety, sign up for alert messages through our Campus Safety Network.

Bearcat Guardian App

Use our Bearcat Guardian app to connect with UC Police. Friends or family members can also monitor users, in real-time, as they walk to a destination. Download the app from ITunes or Google Play.

Subscribe to Emergency Text Message Service.

Active Shooter - Run. Hide. Fight.

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and develop quickly. An active shooter is an individual engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in confined or populated areas. In most cases an active shooter uses a firearm.

When responding to an active shooter you should Run. Hide. and Fight. Please see the links below for more detailed information.

Officer Training/Emergency Response

Our officers have participated in active shooter training on our campus in collaboration with the UC Police Department (UCPD) and the City of Blue Ash. UCPD officers train at least twice per year for all types of emergency response situations that could impact our campus.

There is a Memorandum of Understanding between UCPD and the City of Blue Ash Police Department that ensures the agencies have concurrent authority, jurisdiction and responsibility to provide law enforcement services to our college. 

The City of Blue Ash Fire Department and other area fire departments are available to respond to our campus quickly in the event of a fire. Learn about the Run.Hide.Fight procedure.

Emergency Text Messaging Service

As part of a comprehensive effort to inform our community of any emergencies that might arise on our campuses, the University of Cincinnati offers an emergency text messaging service. This service is a partnership between UC Public Safety and UCIT.

We have a text message service that is specific to UC Blue Ash College and administered by UC Public Safety in the event that emergency notification needs to be sent for a situation at our campus only.

All cell-phone numbers provided to the university will be subscribed to the University of Cincinnati emergency text-message system. In the event of a campus emergency, UC Public Safety will send a text message to all faculty, staff and students, unless they have specifically declined to accept such messages by opting out of this service through OneStop and Directory Services:

  • Faculty and staff may decline to accept emergency text notifications from UC Public Safety or check to make sure their cell phone number is entered by updating their directory listings. Review and update your directory listing.
  • Students Students must go to Catalyst to update their cell phone information or to decline to accept emergency text notifications from UC Public Safety. Please follow the step-by-step directions that are outlined on this page.

UC Public Safety will use the system at their discretion if there is an imminent threat to the safety and security of the campus community or to announce a weather-related university closing.

Although the university offers the ability to opt-out of receiving emergency messages, UC Public Safety recommends that you do not opt out. In an emergency, accurate and up-to-date information may be critical to your safety and security. We will use this emergency text-message system only when necessary.

Student Emergency Text Instructions

This guide will cover how a student will sign up for emergency text

  1. The student logs into the Catalyst Portal.
  2. The student clicks on the profile Icon, the black circle with white body, in upper right of portal page.
  3. The student clicks on update profile on bottom of profile summary.
  4. The student clicks on Phone Numbers.
  5. The student uses a phone type drop down to add emergency text with correct cell number
  6. The student clicks save.

Hamilton County Alert System

Alert Hamilton County and Smart 911 services are now available to Hamilton County residents. The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency partnered with the University of Cincinnati Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCCEDD) to produce this video which seeks to educate community members about the value of these systems.

Emergency Preparedness Updates & Announcements

New information and updates will be included here as they become available, including references to more resources, guides, improvements on campus, and other important information.

HELP Phones in all classrooms.

  • The phones provide access to 911 dispatchers.
  • When calling 911 be as specific as possible about the situation and your location on campus (building, room #, any directions you can provide).

HELP Phones (Blue) on campus

  • Only need to push the button to contact 911 dispatchers in Clifton.
  • In the event of a tornado, there are safe spots located around our campus. See the emergency maps to learn more.

AEDs in every building

We have nine Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) spread across our campus.

  • 4 in Muntz Hall – near the auditorium and outside the Admissions, Security and Maintenance offices.
  • 2 in Walters Hall – In the Dental Hygiene Clinic and near the elevator.
  • 1 in Progress Hall – near the elevator
  • 1 in Vet Tech – near the entrance
  • 1 in Flory Center

Faculty & Staff Emergency Preparedness Training Session Video

  • The Emergency Preparedness session held on November 18 was captured and is available for faculty and staff to review and learn from. View a recording from the event (Faculty/Staff 6+2 and password required).

Life Threatening Emergency

Anyone who has a life threatening emergency, or comes across someone with a life threatening emergency, should dial 911 on any campus phone, cell phone, or help phone and give the emergency dispatcher all pertinent information. Stay on the line and answer all the dispatcher's questions. Following this procedure will allow the dispatcher to assist promptly.

  • A campus officer can be contacted by calling 513-558-9454 from an office telephone or help phone. An Officer will respond with assistance. Also, officers are available if needed as an escort to vehicles.
  • All University Officers have completed the American Red Cross First Aid course and C.P.R. training.

Severe Weather

Fire Emergency

Anyone who sees a fire should pull the nearest fire alarm and immediately leave the building. However, in the event that a person is physically unable to leave the building, they should press the call button on an "Area Of Assistance" box. The call boxes are usually located at the end of a hallway or in a stairwell.

Severe Weather

During inclement weather, listen for a tornado warning. The warning consists of three short blasts on a horn. In case of a tornado, proceed to the nearest Tornado Safe Spot. Tornado Safe Spots are designated by a red and gray sticker on the wall. Tornado safe spots are in areas such as interior stairwells, interior classrooms, offices, and restrooms. Do not find shelter in rooms with windows!

Terrorism/Homeland Security

UC Police's Hazardous Device Unit has specialized expertise in responding to bomb threats, suspicious packages and other related hazards. They are on hand for large campus events and often provide training for UC colleges and departments on how to prepare for and handle potential hazards.

Additional Links, Guides & Websites


Contact Information

Security: 513-558-9454
Police Dispatch: 513-556-1111

In case of emergency, dial 911.