UC Blue Ash College

Safety & Security Office

UC Blue Ash ensures a safe and secure environment on campus. The Safety and Security Department is a satellite office of the University Of Cincinnati Police. The Police/Security Officers maintain a continuous patrol of the UC Blue Ash buildings, grounds and parking areas to ensure safety. Officers also respond when there are emergencies on campus such as a fire or severe weather.


The following services are taken care of through the Safety & Security Office

Bearcat Card / I.D. Processing

The Safety and Security Office is also responsible for providing Bearcat Cards. New faculty and staff can come in during open hours to recieve their first cards. UCBA Students will get their first Bearcat card at their orientations. Transfer students can stop by the Safety and Security office to receive their card.

Replacement Bearcat Cards

UCBA students, faculty, and staff must pay $35.00 for the replacement of a lost, damaged, or stolen UC Bearcat Card I.D. After submitting payment through the following link, you will receive an email receipt, print the email receipt and take it to the Safety and Security Office in order to receive your new card.

Lost & Found

This department also operates the college's Lost and Found and has first aid supplies available in their office. Call 513-558-9454 if you have any questions.

Additional Services and Assistance

You can call the security office for assistance with other problems such as:

  • Vehicle unlocks
  • An escort to your car

Emergency Procedures

Fire Emergency

Anyone who sees a fire should pull the nearest fire alarm and immediately leave the building. However, in the event that a person is physically unable to leave the building, they should press the call button on an "Area Of Assistance" box. The call boxes are usually located at the end of a hallway or in a stairwell.

Severe Weather

During inclement weather, listen for a tornado warning. The warning consists of three short blasts on a horn. In case of a tornado, proceed to the nearest Tornado Safe Spot. Tornado Safe Spots are designated by a red and gray sticker on the wall. Tornado safe spots are in areas such as interior stairwells, interior classrooms, offices, and restrooms. Do not find shelter in rooms with windows!

Life Threatening Emergency

Anyone who has a life threatening emergency, or comes across someone with a life threatening emergency, should dial 911 on any campus phone or help phone and give the emergency dispatcher all pertinent information. Stay on the line and answer all the dispatcher's questions. Following this procedure will allow the dispatcher to assist promptly.

  • A campus officer can be contacted by calling 513-558-9454 from an office telephone or help phone. An Officer will respond with assistance. Also, officers are available if needed as an escort to vehicles.
  • All University Officers have completed the American Red Cross First Aid course and C.P.R. training.

Public Safety Procedures

The University of Cincinnati is dedicated to the safety of students, faculty, staff and guests. Emergency plans, emergency preparedness, and additional safety resources are available here.


Contact Information

Muntz Hall - Room 134
Phone: 513-558-9454
UC Police Dispatch: 513-556-1111