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Selective Program Admission Parallel Plan

Students are encouraged to create a parallel plan for success as they plan for a chosen major. Most programs that use selective program admissions take a limited number of students and therefore have highly competitive admission processes. Parallel plans are crucial in the event that intended interests and career plans change or if you are unable to gain admission to a particular major/program.

Creating a parallel plan is a smart way to cover all bases.

Work with Advisors to Develop a Plan

To develop this plan, students should work with a Pre-Health Professions Advisor. Please call 513-558-9442 to develop a plan with an advisor.

Things to Consider When Making a Parallel Plan

Here are some suggestions and tips for guidance to help students think about what they would like to accomplish and what options are available.

  • Are there related careers that you might find just as fulfilling?
  • There are various professional fields. An advanced degree might also fit your interest.
  • What can you do to improve your credentials and experience? Will taking a year off help you to refocus?
  • People can get accepted if they apply again. So you may consider trying again and continue to build your credentials. However, be smart about your application. Oftentimes, students resubmit the same application materials of what was essentially a failed application. Come up with new application and a realistic plan. Also be mindful of the financial aid impact on your decision to re-apply.
  • Explore other programs offered by another college or university; research their program admissions criteria.
  • Discuss your parallel plan with your academic advisor.

Identify a Parallel Plan

Interested in pursuing a Parallel Plan while you make progress within Pre-Health Professions? Please sign up to attend a Parallel Plan Workshop that has been crafted specifically for Pre-Health Profession Students.

Identify a Completely New Major

In order to find a new program, you should attend an exploratory workshop. Please sign up to attend an exploring majors workshop by going to the UC Blue Ash Exploring Majors page.


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