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Foreign Language Placement Test

In the UC Blue Ash Foreign Language Department, all heritage speakers (someone who has had exposure to the language at home or in their community from a young age), students who have had two or more years of a high school foreign language, as well as students who have prior knowledge of a foreign language and who wish to continue studying the same language, are required to take the foreign language placement test prior to registering for a foreign language class. Native speakers (someone who completed schooling through ninth grade or its equivalent in a country other than the US and the primary language of instruction was not English) should not take the placement test in their native language and are encouraged to explore other language course offerings.

Due to the university’s back-to-campus expectations, we will be offering our language placement tests both in person in the lab and remotely. Academic integrity is essential to maintaining an environment that fosters excellence in teaching, research, and other educational and scholarly activities.

To schedule a test:

  • For UC Blue Ash students: To schedule a time to take a placement test in French, German or Spanish, please fill out the Foreign Language Placement Pre-Survey and please contact Hung Koo at kooh@ucmail.uc.edu or call 513-558-9469.
  • Placement test interview in American Sign Language, please contact professor Sheri Barksdale at barksdsk@ucmail.uc.edu.
  • UC Blue Ash students with placement needs in other languages, including languages not offered by the department, should contact Department Chair Dr. Angie Woods at woodsai@ucmail.uc.edu.

For each fall and spring semester, the last day to take placement test for that semester is the Thursday of the first week when the semester begins. Please note, if you enroll in a language course after it has begun, you will have missed most or all of the instruction for the first week of class, which may put you at a disadvantage for understanding the expectations for how the class is run. You are responsible for anything you have missed and should contact the instructor as soon as you enroll.

The placement test results include the course for which the student should register. Based on their placement tests scores and grades earned in the completed course, UCBA students may receive credit in the foreign language, up to a maximum of 10 credit hours. For example, if a UCBA student places into FREN 1012 and earns a C- or better, they could receive credit for FREN 1011.


Contact Information

Muntz Hall | Room 337
Phone: 513-558-9469
Fax: 513-745-5771
Email: kooh@ucmail.uc.edu