UC Blue Ash College

Student Academic Policies

There are many policies involving students academic performance that all student should be aware of and understand.

Academic Standing

Academic standing status and alerts are designed to help students that need to improve in their coursework, and to identify situations where guidance may be needed.

Academic Fresh Start

The Academic Fresh Start policy can provide a student who performed poorly upon his or her initial enrollment at the University of Cincinnati the opportunity for a fresh UC cumulative grade point average.

Course Repeat Policy

The UC grade replacement policy allows a student to repeat University of Cincinnati coursework, with the final grade awarded for the most recent class enrollment calculated into the cumulative grade point average rather than the final grade awarded for the original class enrollment.

Freshman Credit Policy

UC Blue Ash College freshmen are required to complete 24 credits at UC Blue Ash before enrolling in any classes at another UC college. This policy is designed to support our students; we want to be sure that they succeed in their first year of college and take advantage of our exceptional teaching, smaller class sizes, free academic support services, and academic advising.


Contact Information

Academic Affairs
Muntz Hall | Room 140
Phone: 513-558-9461
Email: ucbaacadaffairs@uc.edu