Premier Leadership Positions

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a protocol to assist students in intentionally and positively developing their self-confidence, community engagement and leadership skills.  The sequence allows students to identify programs/opportunities that best meet their goals. Additionally, student can build a foundation on which to grow and develop throughout their enrollment at UC Blue Ash.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase student success through personal, emotional and intellectual development opportunities
  • Cultivate sense of community and create sense of connectedness for students
  • Increase student leadership and professional development opportunities
  • Develop rigorous and strong student organizations
  • Increase opportunities for students to connect with peers, staff and faculty
  • Provide more diverse and higher-quality programs for students


Student Orientation Leader

Student Orientation Leaders (SOLs) will represent the UCBA student body for incoming students and their families during Orientation and Convocation.


Orientation Coordinator

The Orientation Coordinator works closely with the Student Life office to plan and implement the Student Orientation Leaders (SOL) program, orientation program, and convocation program.


Student Ambassador

UCBA Student Ambassadors serve as the “face” of the student body and actively engage in college events and programs.


Ambassador Intern

The Student Ambassador Intern will work closely with the Student Life office to plan and implement the Student Ambassador program.

Contact Information

Sarah Wolfe
Muntz Hall • Room 123

Phone: (513) 936-1565