Academic Affairs

This office coordinates the academic affairs of the college and serves as a liason with other college and university units to enhance the quality of the college's curriculum and to provide the highest quality of instruction to all students.

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs works directly with departmental chairs and directors concerning academic issues; supervises and coordinates curriculum development and review; directs faculty development, guides the assessment of academic programs, and the co-coordinators of the Learning and Teaching Center.

Title IX

All Title IX pertinent information once shared must be reported without delay to the UC Title IX Director. For more info on Title IX and UC’s Title IX Office, see At UCBA, Title IX matters involving students can be reported to Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs. Title IX employee matters can be reported to the Human Resources Manager. The Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and/or the Human Resources Manager will then without delay report the matters to the UC Title IX Office for follow up. Do not take it upon yourself to address Title IX matters, and do not report them to the UCBA therapist/counselor.

Accessibility Resources

DSO info on UCBA web site has been expanded. See info on intake process for students, how accommodation eligibility determined, the follow through process for receiving accommodations and much more. Additionally, the Director of Accessibility Resources has sent faculty an updated DSP FAQ.

UCBA Counseling Services

The UCBA licensed therapist/counselor can address prevalent student issues such as anxiety, stress, depression and many others in a safe, private and confidential setting. The office hours are 9:30 am – 2:30 pm Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made through the Dean’s Office at 745-5670 or in person in Muntz Hall, Room 140. The therapy/counseling office is located in Muntz Hall, Room 118A. See additional info and resources on our website. Please refer students with urgent and immediate emotional health needs to our licensed therapist/counselor or to the Dean’s Office. Should violence of threat of violence be involved, please immediately report it to UCBA Security and inform the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, or the Dean of the college. 

Judicial Affairs

See for information on UC academic misconduct protocols (see 1st Word document under Academic Misconduct). At UCBS, see the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs for further information, conferral, questions or reports on academic integrity violations. Include clear guidelines regarding academic integrity on syllabus and where feasible each assignment. Refer any student who would like to discuss her/his rights and options under the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC) to the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs. An overview of the reporting and adjudication process for non-academic misconduct allegations can be found at See the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs on UCBA concerns.

Grade Grievances

The proscribed process for pursuing a grievance is (first and always first) speak to instructor and attempt to resolve, then (if necessary) speak to chair and only then file a formal grade grievance. See the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs with any questions or consultation needs. Information on UC’s grade grievance processes and procedures can be found at

Academic Standing Policies and Practices Issues Academic Alert, Academic Probation, Academic Suspension

Information on UC’s Academic Standing Policies and Procedures can be found at ttp:// At UCBA, the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs oversees efforts to provide communication, outreach and support to UC Blue Ash Students who have Academic Standing issues. Academic advising support resides with the academic adviser. 


Contact Information

Muntz Hall - Room 140
Phone: (513) 745-5670
Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday