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As part of our continued growth and our focus on providing new opportunities for our students, we are proud to offer two bachelor's degree programs right here on our campus. Our Bachelor's of Technical and Applied Studies offers students the chance to learn more about the communication and leadership skills that will prepare them for a supervisory role.

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Bachelor's of Technical and Applied Studies

The Bachelor's of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS) program is designed for those who already hold an associate degree in an applied or technical field, such as an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), an Associate of Applied Business (AAB), or an Associate of Technical Studies (ATS).

Bachelor's of Technical and Applied Studies - Healthcare Leadership

This online Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS) in Healthcare Leadership program is ideal for students and working adults who want to move into supervisory, education, or administrative positions within the healthcare industry. The program offers a smooth transition from an associate degree to a bachelor degree, and is suitable for people who are certified in their healthcare field of choice and who have earned an associate degree. An associate degree and a current certification or licensure in your field are required for admission into the BTAS in Healthcare Leadership program.


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