UC Blue Ash College

Institutional Research Office


To collect, coordinate, research, validate, report, analyze, interpret, and manage data about the University of Cincinnati. The office coordinates many of the federal, state, and other mandatory reporting requirements and provides routine and ad-hoc reports and analyses to executive management and across the University to assist in informed decision-making.


To produce meaningful and relevant information that will enlighten and promote progress within and outside of the University of Cincinnati, and most importantly, to benefit UC students.


  • Integrity
  • Accuracy
  • Innovation
  • Accessibility
  • Efficiency 

Dashboards & Reports

UC Blue Ash Student Right-To-Know Outcome Measures

For institutions participating in federally-funded financial aid programs, the Student Right to Know Act requires student outcomes information be made available to current and prospective students.

The dashboards available provide information on persistence, retention, transition/transfer, graduation rates, and institutional financials.

UC Internal Dashboards

The data analytics and visualization software Tableau is being used at the University of Cincinnati (UC) by various offices, including the Office of Institutional Research. Institutional Research (IR) uses Tableau to create a multitude of dashboards as well as the University Fact Book. 

To access the Tableau server where the IR reports are housed, you'll go to the Data Analytics website (dataanalytics.uc.edu) and login with your central UC username and password. To view the IR reports, select "Office of the Provost" as the site.

To request access, to Institutional Research dashboards, please visit the IR Dashboards page on Bearcats Landing.   


Contact Information

Muntz Hall - Room 150D
Phone: 513-558-9444
Email: ucbair@ucmail.uc.edu