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Placement Testing Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Placement Testing at UC Blue Ash.

What placement tests do I need to take?

All students are required to complete placement testing, unless qualifying ACT/SAT scores or Transfer Credit has been provided to the university. The placement tests offered at UC Blue Ash are English, Math, Reading and Foreign Language Placement.

I do not see the English or Math Placement Course on my Canvas "Courses" Tab. What should I do?

Call 513-745-5783 or email placementtesting@ucblueash.edu to confirm you have access to the course. Please provide your UC username and UCID.

I see both the English and Math Placement Test on my Canvas account, but I only need to take one of those tests. Why is the other test among my Canvas courses?

Both the English and Math Placement Tests are pre-loaded into each student's Canvas after confirmation to UCBA, regardless of which placement tests, if any, a student needs to complete.

Do I need to take the Reading placement test?

The Reading Placement test needs to be completed by College Program for Academic Success (CPAS) students only, unless qualifying ACT/SAT scores have been submitted to the univeristy.

How many times can I take the English, Math and Reading tests?

The English placement test can only be taken once. The Math placement test can be taken several times with a three-week time period between testing. The Reading placement test is only for CPAS students who do not have qualifying ACT/SAT sores. Please visit our appeals and retakes page for additional information.

How do I know if I submitted my English Placement Test successfully?

At the end of your English placement test, you will receive a "Thank You" message. This notifies you that you have successfully submitted your ENPT, and what your next steps should be. Your English placement test score will be emailed to your UC email account within two weeks of test completion.

How do I know if I submitted my Math Placement Test successfully?

At the end of your Math placement test, you will receive a score. Please write down this score down, as it will disappear once you exit out of the results screen. Your score has automatically been uploaded to our database, and your score information will be provided to your academic advisor to assist you with course registration.

When/How will I know my course placement?

Please use the buttons below to determine English, Math and Reading Course Placement.

My computer just died/my Internet connection is down/my keyboard is malfunctioning. I can't finish the placement tests. Now what do I do?

If any unforeseen circumstances prevent you from completing the English or Math placement test, call 513-745-5783 or email placementtesting@ucblueash.edu. You may have to take test during another session. Please provide your UC username and UCID.

If I took the English or Math placement test several years ago, do I have to do it again?

English, Math and Reading placement test scores are valid for 24 months.

What if I completed placement testing at another college?

If you completed the placement tests at any UC college (Uptown or Clermont) within the last 24 months, your score will still be in the system. If you took a placement test at another institution, you still need to take the UC Placement Tests unless you are exempt. For additional questions, please email placementtesting@ucblueash.edu.

How do I submit my ACT or SAT test scores?


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