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Campus Bookstore

UC Blue Ash bookstore

Hours of Operation

  • 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday
  • 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Friday
  • Closed Saturday & Sunday
  • Closed on all campus holidays

Online Ordering

We will be fulfilling online orders. Students can either find books using Catalyst or go directly to Blue Ash Bookstore Shop to order copies of their books. The bookstore will ship print copies, and digital copies will fulfill automatically.


The campus bookstore will no longer accept cash payments. Valid payment types now include Bearcat card (including student meal plans), credit cards, debit cards and mobile payments. Funds can be added to your Bearcat card online via the Bearcat card portal.


  • Catalyst: To look at a single class, begin by navigating to your Course Schedule in Catalyst. In the lower right of the box for each class is a book icon. Clicking on this will link you directly to the required materials for that class.
  • Bookstore Online Shop: To look at multiple classes at once, you can use the Bookstore website directly. You will want to have your schedule handy.
    1. Go to Blue Ash Bookstore Online Shop
    2. Click on “Textbooks” next to the search bar at the top.
    3. Choose the correct semester from the drop down menu.
    4. Select your course information using the listings on your schedule.
    5. After you enter a class, it will add an additional line. If you wish, enter your next class on that line.
    6. Once all classes are entered, click the red button at the bottom labeled “Find Materials for X course(s)” where X is the number of classes you entered.

After finding the listings for your class(es), you will be presented with all of the available options. Some courses will have digital options that can be delivered by e-mail; others will only have print options that will require shipping. Please allow additional time for shipping orders as the store will not be staffed on a daily basis while it remains closed. If you have questions or problems with an order, please contact 0030mgr@follett.com.

Book Rental Returns

After renting a textbook, you'll get a prepaid shipping label to return the books to the store. There will be a link in the reminder e-mails that are sent as you get close to the due date. You can also head to the Blue Ash Bookstore Online Shop and refer to the return information found in the red banner heading at the top of the webpage.

If you are still having trouble with a book rental return, please contact the UC Blue Ash bookstore at 0030mgr@follett.com.

Now Hiring

We are still looking to hire a few more students for to be a part of our great team this year! Use the following steps to begin the application process:

What to do on the website

  1. Click "Apply Now" (Join our Team)
  2. Click "Browse Jobs" (Retail Hourly)
  3. Type 45236 in zip code
  4. Click "Temporary Retail Team Member"
  5. Click "Choose Location"
    • Check UC Blue Ash Bookstore
    • Apply
  6. Create Account

Book Return Policy

All book returns require your original receipt. If you bought your books in the store, this will be a long traditional looking receipt; if you bought your books online, this will be several 8.5" by 11" sheets of paper. Both purchased and rented books may be returned.

Books must be in resaleable condition. In the case of new books, this means no marks or writing of any kind. Access codes must not be opened and/or scratched off. We recommend that you attend class before opening books (particularly shrink-wrapped packages) so that if you have the wrong book or drop the class you will be able to get a refund.

At the beginning of the semester, books meeting the above criteria can be returned for the first 7 days of classes. At most other times, books can only be returned for 2 days from the date of purchase. Books purchased during finals week do not qualify for refunds.

Book Rental Policy

Many titles in the Bookstore can be rented for the semester. Rental fees are typically much less than purchase prices, but rental books must be returned to the store by the date listed on your receipt. You must be at least 18 to rent, though you may have someone else rent for you. You must also have a valid credit card (or debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo) to set up as collateral.

Rental books will be counted as used when they are returned, so if you want to write or highlight in them, feel free! Just be sure to avoid water damage, torn out pages, and broken bindings. These may result in your having to purchase your book instead of returning it.

If you decide you wish to keep your rental book (whether because it was really great, you found out you need it again next semester, or because it's gotten lost at home somewhere), you have the option to buy it out. Come into the Bookstore no later than the due date and pay the difference between the rental fee and the price you would have paid had you bought it originally.

Be sure to return your books by the due date on your receipt! Books not properly returned will have nonreturn fees charged to the credit card left as collateral.

Book Buyback

The Bookstore can also buy back any purchased books that you no longer need. All Buybacks require your Bearcat Card.

Books are bought back based on our needs. Books that will be used the following semester are typically worth the most (generally 50% of the purchase price). Books that are needed by other campuses may be sent to our wholesaler (typically pays 10-33% of purchase price). Books that are going into a new edition, are heavily damaged, or in loose leaf format may not be able to be sold back.

We buy back books every day, but the best prices are typically in the last two weeks of the semester or during exam week.

Online Store

Check out the UC Blue Ash College Bookstore's online store.


Contact Information

Muntz Hall | Room 126
Phone: 513-558-9492