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Placement Test Retake Policy

If you believe that the results of your initial Math or Reading Placement test do not accurately reflect your abilities, you have options to communicate this to UC Blue Ash College. Please find information below about appealing or retaking your Math or Reading Placement Test. 

Math Placement Test Retake Policy

All students are given the option to retake the Math Placement Test after a 21-day waiting period. Students may want to speak to their academic advisor about their score to determine if they should retake the test.

Use this Math Placement test link to retake the math placement test. Contact UCBA placement testing with questions or concerns about the MPT retake:  placementtesting@ucblueash.edu.

Reading Placement Test Retake Policy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students who need to take the in-person Reading Placement Test will take the test during Fall semester. Reading Placement Tests can be retaken for a better score. To retake the Reading Placement Test, you are required to wait three weeks between testing dates. 

If you have questions about the Reading Placement Test or retakes, please email placementtesting@ucblueash.edu.


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