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Alumni Success Profile: Eric Broyles

From Struggling Student to Successful CEO

Eric Broyles' life has led him down many paths, from a disengaged student near the very bottom of his graduating class at Hamilton's Badin High School to a successful corporate attorney and CEO of an international investment research firm.

Eric knew he wanted to do more with his life, but wasn’t sure how to become a better student or reach his ultimate career goals. He credits the professors at UC Blue Ash with giving him the inspiration and confidence he needed.

I still remember that my English professor, Phil Luther, was always very encouraging and pulled me aside one day and told me I was a very good writer,” said Broyles. “I always had this dream of being an attorney, so that gave me hope. It really pushed me forward and was part of a very pivotal experience at UC Blue Ash.

Eric Broyles

Finding His Passion/Developing a Plan

After graduating from UC Blue Ash, Eric went on to earn his undergraduate degree with honors from the University of Cincinnati and his law degree from the University of Virginia.

Eric says he hopes his message resonates with others, especially high school and college students, to let them know that anything is possible with determination, discipline, and desire. “I was a prime example of someone who was really going nowhere and lacked the confidence to believe I could achieve my dreams. But once I found that inspiration and confidence, I felt like a new person and I just made reaching my goals my top priority.”

Eric Broyles' Bio

Eric Broyles on campus

Eric enjoyed a successful career as a corporate attorney before becoming CEO of ExpertConnect, an international research firm that helps investors, private equity firms, and corporations make better decisions. He is also co-founder and a board member of megree, Inc., a social business software company.

Eric is a published author and a member of the UC Foundation Board of Trustees. He enjoys mentoring college students and regularly visits UC Blue Ash College to share his inspirational story. In 2018, Eric also provided his support to the college through a $1 million donation to our college (our largest gift ever) to support our student scholarship fund.

Eric's Tips for Success

  • Develop your vision. Determine where do you want to go in life and why.
  • Pick your team. Look at who is around you. How are you spending your time? Who is supporting you as you pursue your vision?
  • Execute. “Chop wood every day.” You need to wake up every day and execute – through good times and bad. Doing things that contribute to your success every day builds good habits.

Path to Success

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