Steps For Enrollment to UC Blue Ash

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Whether you’re interested in working toward an associate degree, a professional certificate, a bachelor’s degree, or even if you just want to take a class or two, you are headed in the right direction!

Upcoming Admissions and New Student UCBA Deadlines

There are four steps to being admitted and enrolling at UC Blue Ash College, and each has specific requirements and due dates. Don't miss these important deadlines!


Application Deadline


Placement Tests


Classes begin

Fall Semester

July 1
December 1 for Academic Achievement Scholarship consideration

August 1
May 1 for Academic Achievement Scholarship consideration


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Spring Semester

November 15

December 15

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Summer Semester March 15  April 15 Learn more Learn more Summer Sessions vary

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Step 1: Apply for Admission to UC Blue Ash College

The first step to being admitted is to apply. But there is more to applying than just filling out a form. Make sure to complete all the parts to applying listed here, and to start your financial aid process if necessary.

Step 2: Confirm Your Admission

Confirming your admission is an important step toward becoming a UC Blue Ash student. It officially completes the admission process and enables us to finalize your financial aid arrangements. Don't wait to confirm!

If you do not confirm, you will not be able to enroll. Financial Aid is not possible if you do not confirm and submit final transcripts.

Step 3: Take Placement Tests

After confirmation, you need to setup your placement testing or submit qualifying exemptions (applicable transfer credit, AP scores, or qualifying ACT/SAT scores.)

Step 4: Register For Orientation

After completing placement tests, you are able to register for orientation. You must register and complete an orientation session in order to register for classes. Orientation is mandatory for new students so don't wait to register!

Other Enrollment Options at UC Blue Ash College

Non-Matriculated Students 

Non-matriculated students are students who take classes at UC without being enrolled in a UC degree program. Their official status is "non-matriculated," which is a traditional academic term meaning, "not enrolled in a degree program."

International Students

International students should follow these instructions to enroll at UC Blue Ash!

Depending on citizenship or residency, the process may vary.

College Credit Plus / Post-Secondary Enrollment Options 

The purpose of the program is to provide high school students who are intellectually and socially capable of doing college work with an additional educational option.

Contact Information

Admissions Office
Phone: (513) 745-5700