UC Blue Ash College

Admissions Dates & Deadlines

If you are interested in being a student at UC Blue Ash college, don't miss your deadline to apply and submit all of your information. If you have any questions, please contact the Admission Office.

Admissions and New Student Deadlines

There are four steps to being admitted and enrolling at UC Blue Ash College, and each has specific requirements and due dates. Don't miss these important deadlines!

Application Deadlines


Application Deadline


Classes begin

Fall Semester

July 1
December 1 for Academic Achievement Scholarship consideration

August 1
June 1 for Academic Achievement Scholarship consideration


Spring Semester

November 15

December 15

Summer Semester March 15 April 15 Summer Sessions Vary

Placement Testing Deadlines

New Student Orientation Deadlines

General UC Dates & Deadlines


Contact Information

Admissions Office
Muntz Hall | Room 150
Phone: 513-558-9998
Email: admissions@uc.edu