Frequently Asked Questions About Study Abroad Programs

UC Blue Ash Students posing in front of the Eiffel Tower

Why should I study abroad?

In addition to providing students with an exceptional opportunity to travel, study abroad is an amazing academic experience. All of our UCBA programs are faculty led; they offer top notch courses that combine classroom work with fieldtrips designed to bring learning to life. Participants will travel internationally with professors and students they’ve come to know through pre-departure orientations and social gatherings. They’ll have the comfort of traveling with professors who are experienced study abroad leaders and travelers, as well as experienced academics.

UCBA’s study abroad programs offer students the chance to earn three to six college credits. Furthermore, study abroad at UCBA fosters in students a true global perspective that will contribute to their education in inestimable ways. Finally, participating students will form friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. The question is not “why should I study abroad,” but why not?

Do I need to be in a particular major in order to participate in an UCBA study abroad program?

No! Our study abroad programs are open to students in any major. Even students outside of UCBA/UC may apply. Likewise, community members are welcome to apply. All participants must take at least one study abroad class in order to participate, though.


Will credits earned in study abroad classes count towards my intended degree?

For most students, the answer to this question is yes. UC Blue Ash, University of Cincinnati, and most other institutions of higher education require that students take a wide range of classes to meet general or liberal education requirements. The majority of our study abroad class credits count toward UC’s general education requirements and may meet those of other universities as well.


Will my financial aid pay any portion of my study abroad costs?

It is certainly possible! We suggest that all students planning to study abroad meet with one of our University Service Associates in One Stop Services to determine if their financial aid will cover these classes.


Are scholarships or grants available to help me pay for my study abroad program costs?

Yes! UC Blue Ash students have the opportunity to apply for a wide variety of scholarships expressly for the purpose of studying abroad.. Applications for these awards are due on November 15th.  and students who win scholarships can be awarded several hundred dollars.  There are four  UCBA study abroad scholarships available to UCBA students: The UCBA Study Abroad Scholarship awards several UCBA students partial funding for UCBA study abroad programs; The Lee Baker, Jr. Study Abroad Scholarship awards a single UCBA student $500 to study abroad in a UCBA program; The John D. and Marjorie E. Sipple Study Abroad Scholarship awards one Summer British Study Abroad program student $400; The Christie Study Abroad Scholarship awards two students $1,000 each to study abroad in a UCBA program. The Mike Roos Study Abroad Scholarship awards a $1,000 scholarship annually to a UCBA student participating in any UCBA study abroad program.


If I participate in a study abroad program, will I have time to take other summer classes or work to make money for the coming academic year?

Yes! The beauty of participating in an UCBA program is that our study abroad programs are relatively short term, taking students out of the country for two to four weeks. For this reason, students have the opportunity to do all of the things longer study abroad programs offer—take classes, explore the world, have once-in-a-lifetime experiences—but they do it in a more manageable time period, allowing them to return to the US to complete summer courses at their home institutions or take summer jobs.


May I go on an UCBA study abroad program without taking the college class or classes offered on the trip?

No. It is a requirement of all of our programs that participants take at least one class. Many of our programs offer only one college course, while others offer two.


Will I see more than the inside of a classroom while I’m abroad?

Definitely! All of our programs include a variety of exciting fieldtrips connected to what you’ve learned in your study abroad classes.


Will I have time for independent travel during my study abroad trip?

Some programs typically work in a few free days for independent travel (if students wish to do so), other programs do not. However, students can always extend their travel time by staying in country after the official program has ended, thereby allowing themselves the time for independent travel. Students interested in doing this should speak to the program leader for more information.


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