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Academic Advising

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Academic Advising is a vital resource for students at UC Blue Ash. We provide academic advising to students through faculty and professional staff advisors. Advisors post appointment schedules on My Bearcat Network during registration advising periods. Students sign up online for an advising appointment.

Students who have questions about advising (Who is my assigned advisor? When is the next Priority Registration advising period?) or need names, office numbers, and hours of faculty and professional staff advisors may call 513-558-9442. An advising coordinator may not be available to take your call immediately, please leave a message on the voicemail box and your call will be returned.

UC Blue Ash Advising Office Hours

Effective January 5 2022, the UC Blue Ash Advising Office will be operating remotely. We will resume normal operating hours Monday, January 24.

When calling the office, please leave a voicemail for a return call. Advising staff will be calling students from an unknown number as we are working off campus until January 24.

  • Monday - Friday
  • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Advising appointments are available 8:00 am - 5:00 pm **by appointment only.**

How To Schedule An Advising Appointment:

  • Call 513-558-9442
  • Visit the office between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • My Bearcat Network (Found on Canvas under Student Tools)

Drop-Ins for Drop Deadline

If you are on campus, please come to Muntz 125 to check in.

These drop-ins are only for students who are wanting to drop a spring class before the deadline at 11:59 pm January 24th, 2022.

If you have Financial Aid, please contact One Stop at 513-556-1000 before dropping classes.

Find Your Academic Advisor

Use this list, arranged in alphabetical order based on the program name, to find the advisor that represents your program.

Exploring Majors Workshop

Are you a current UC student that is interested in exploring options at UC Blue Ash? If so, please attend one of our online Exploring Major Options Workshops.

Would you like to take a quiz to explore different major options at UC? Follow the link below to receive a list of best-fit majors for you.

Why Do You Need an Advisor?

Advisor working with a student to work out class schedule

Advisors make sure you’re on track with your major requirements.

Your advisor provides curriculum and program information to create a plan to make sure you take the right classes at the right time. There is no better way to save time and money than to stay on track! We know it may be tempting to try to figure things out on our own, but advisors will have the most up to date information about any program changes and how it may affect you.

Advisors help you develop your academic goals.

Advisors help you develop your academic goals and determine appropriate course load. They communicate academic policies and processes that are important to your academic success. Are you planning to transition to another program or college within the University of Cincinnati after UC Blue Ash? The advising center can make sure you know what is expected and what you will need to do in order to complete a successful transition.

Advisors can help during tough situations.

Advisors understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes students may feel reluctant to seek assistance for issues they may be having. At UC Blue Ash, our advisors are supportive, and their purpose is to help you through any academic situation that may arise. Advisors explain helpful policies and work collaboratively with students to help develop a plan for moving forward. You have a better chance of successfully resolving your situation the earlier you seek assistance.

Advisors are available year-round.

While you do need to plan early for registration, we want you to know that you can schedule an appointment at any time of the year. Advisors prepare for your meeting by reviewing your academic record prior to seeing you. Planning early and seeing your advisor regularly will help you develop a relationship and understanding with your advisor. Our goal is to help you succeed as you navigate your way through college.

Advisors can help prepare you for graduation.

Advisors help you determine when to apply for graduation and make sure all academic requirements are satisfied. They also ensure you're aware of deadlines to apply and to transition into a four-year program, either at UC Blue Ash or another UC college

Required Advisor Meetings

Meeting with your advisor in a timely and effective manner can make a huge difference in your education. Let your advisor help you decide what path to take in order to get the education you want, on time and in the most effective order.

Expectations & Appointments

In order to provide the best education possible, there are some expectations that the college has of its students and staff. These expectations are designed to guide and assist students through their academic journey. Looking to make an appointment? Here's the information you need to schedule. Make sure to review the circumstances to see what next steps you should take.

Advising Programs & Assistance

  • College Program for Academic Success (CPAS): Many students are admitted to UC Blue Ash College as part of the College Program for Academic Success (CPAS). This program is the first step in their successful academic future at UC.
  • Group Advising Sessions: Are you a current UC student that is interested in majoring in Dental Hygiene, RN Technology or Radiologic Technology at UC Blue Ash? If so, please attend one of our Group Advising Sessions.
  • Degree Audit: Our advanced degree auditing software will help you see the big picture about the classes you're taking and the classes you need to take to get your degree. This is not a substitute for meeting with your advisor.

Streamlined Ohio Credit Transfer

Are you interested in transferring credits from another Ohio public institution? The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways enable students to streamline credit transfer among the state's public institutions of higher education to find the best pathways to degree completion and launch successful careers.


Contact Information

UC Blue Ash Advising Center
Muntz Hall Room 125