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Making Britishness: Defining an Empire through Goods and Vice

This program explores the British Empire and identity through two historical lenses, one of propriety and sin, the other through trade and the visual culture of design. The British have long cultivated an image of being prim, respectable, moral, and progressive, a unifying force grounded in its growth as an Empire. These two courses look at the underpinnings of corruption and trade through often overlooked historical narratives of vice and chaos, and the products of visual culture that came from the colonizing of, and trade with, other cultures. No foreign language skills necessary.

Granada, Spain: The Indelible Arabic-Hispanic Imprint on Spanish Language and Culture

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Embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Spend three thrilling weeks in Granada, Spain, in the summer of 2024. Improve your Spanish language skills, engage in experiential learning opportunities, and learn about “The Indelible Arabic-Hispanic Imprint on Spanish Language and Culture.” Immerse yourself in the culture of a vibrant city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region. You will live with a host family, study Spanish language and culture at a higher education institution, and participate in cultural-study tours.


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