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Experiential Learning

At UC Blue Ash, we take pride in offering educational programs that go beyond the classroom. We've developed a new internship program that helps students partner with leading employers throughout the area in positions that tie directly to their field of study. Many of the internships are paid and can apply toward an academic program.

Hands-On Learning

Add to your education and enhance your resume with an internship that relates to your specific field of study. We have internship opportunities in areas that include marketing, communications, research, graphic design, and electronic media. In tandem with our on-campus Career Services advcie, you can begin working towards your future career while you get your degree.

What is an Internship?

It's a partnership between students, institutions of higher education, and employers that formally integrates students' academic study with work or community service experience.

An internship should:

  • Be of a specified and definite duration;
  • Evaluate each participating student's performance in the internship position, both from the perspective of the institution and the employer;
  • Allow students to learn more about their field of interest through observation and direct participation in a job setting;
  • Assist students in establishing future employment connections;
  • Allow students to complete substantial projects/tasks that will build on the skills learned in the classroom;
  • Provide employers with trained, well-screened students who might become future full-time employees.

The UC Blue Ash Internship Program seeks to connect students with employers in the field of their interest. Students will not only receive academic credit for doing an internship, they will also make valuable contacts in the professional world and have the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to a work environment. Students will gain crucial, real-world experience that will set them apart and open up more opportunities upon graduation.


Contact Information

UC Blue Ash Career Services

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