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Online Degree Audit

The audit is an online reporting tool used to track your progress toward degree completion. DARS (also called "degree audit") incorporates all coursework (UC and transfer) and applies it to university, college, and program requirements. The audit will update automatically throughout your academic career, as you register for and complete additional courses.

What the Audit Does

  • Identifies all requirements needed to complete a degree program
  • Displays the courses you have already completed, the grades received, and how each pertains to your degree requirements
  • Specifies the courses and requirements that have not yet been satisfied
  • Provides courses you may register for to complete the remaining requirements

How to Perform a Degree Audit

Curent students can use the following steps to access their degree audit tools inside of Catalyst.

  1. Go to Catalyst and log in with your 6+2 and password.
  2. Click "Get My Degree Audit" under My Academics. The same link is also listed under your Academic Profile.
  3. Click "View my advisement report"
  4. Reviewing your report. After clicking "View my advisement report" you will see your degree audit report in Catalyst. Expand each section for specific details, including GPA information, core courses, electives, and applicable hours. You will see "Satisfied" or "Not Satisfied" listed under each section, letting you know you've completed requirements or still have additional coursework to take.

What you can do with your degree audit:

  • Double major? Now you can see all active programs in one report.
  • Need to register for a class? Put needed courses in your shopping cart directly from the audit.
  • Add "What-If" courses to your audit to see how they fit with your program.
  • View transfer grades.
  • Interested in changing majors? Run a "What-If" report to view the total requirements fulfilled for a different program.
  • View classes for which exceptions were made listed under "Notes."
  • Create and print a PDF of your audit.

That's it! You've just learned how to get your degree audit in Catalyst!


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