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Social Services Support & Wellness Awareness

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Making the Connections

Our Mission:

  • Linking students to school, community, and wellness support.
  • Providing a safe, confidential, and supportive space to address barriers that might interfere with academic success.
Headshot of Emily Chu Nguyen, MSW, LSW

Emily Chu Nguyen, MSW, LSW

Coordinator of Social Services Support & Wellness Awareness

Muntz 112 KA


  • Supportive services and connection to school and community resources - Assistance with supplemental nutrition, financial support, and health insurance
    • Provide intensive initial and follow up support for students with economic distress needs - intake, guidance, referral to and assistance in accessing applicable resources, monitoring and follow up.
  • Mental health support - Connection to CAPS, TAO resources, bearcat network, support groups
    • Provide wellness checks, intake, guidance, and applicable referral for students with mental and emotional health issues.
  • College Systems Navigation – Helping students through college processes and connect to offices
    • Help students understand their academic, financial and emotional responsibilities as a college student and where they go for support
  • Enhance community awareness of mental health issues and resources
    • Workshop and presentations on stress management, wellness, and coping skills
    • Partner with appropriate offices to promote mental health support and resources through collaborative events

UCBA Wellness

  • The UCBA Wellness Team (Jim Dugar, Emily Chu Nguyen, Sarah Wolfe, and Hannah Thompson) can reach out to students within 24 hours (during business hours) to assess the student’s needs, conduct a risk assessment, and provide appropriate resources. Use the UC Blue Ash Wellness Flow Chart PDF to find the relevant contact.
  • If there is an emergency, please also refer to the UC Blue Ash Wellness Flow Chart PDF and make the appropriate referral.


Contact Information

Student Life Office
Muntz Hall | Room 123
Phone: 513-558-9429
Email: bastdlfe@uc.edu