UC Blue Ash College

Technology Resources

UCBAIT manages and supports the technology resources at UC Blue Ash College. Our areas of focus are classroom equipment, college owned computing and printing resources, college data networks, loaner technology equipment, iClicker, staging for A/V events, and facilitating digital A/V capture of meetings and classroom presentations. We also serve as liaisons between the UCBA community and both central University IT and external technology vendors.

Technical Assistance

The Student Assistant is located in the Computer Concourse, Muntz 112 (across from the computer library) and is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

The Information Technology office is located in Muntz 110 (next to the computer concourse). Anyone seeking technical assistance will need to make an appointment by emailing ithelp@ucblueash.edu or call 513-558-9581.

Pay-to-Print Policy

Any UC student taking a class at UCBA will receive a $5 print credit, the equivalent of 100 black and white single sided prints. This policy will reduce excessive printing on campus while saving money and trees, as well as reducing wait time for print jobs.

To use a campus computer and to print, you will need to login by using your central login username and password.

  • Upon completing your login on a campus computer, you will be able to print as long as you continue to have free black and white prints. Once this is depleted, each successive print will cost $.08 for dual sided print jobs and $.05 for single print jobs. You will be required to swipe your bearcat card.
  • Students can load money onto their bearcat cards via Canopy.
  • Questions concerning the Pay-to-Print Policy should be directed to Information Technology at print@ucblueash.edu

Computer Concourse & Labs

The Computer Concourse is located in Muntz 112. This area has 9 PCs and 3 Macs available for students to use for school work.

Computer Concourse Open Hours

Operating Hours
Day Hours

Monday - Thursday

8:00 am - 7:00 pm


8:00 am - 4:00 pm                                 





Computer Lab Rules

The following policies are intended to apply to all of the computer labs at UC Blue Ash.

UC Blue Ash students, staff and faculty are valid users of the computer labs.

  • Food is not permitted in the computer labs or computer classrooms.
  • Covered drinks are allowed, but please remember to be careful near the computers.
  • Individual users who want to use multimedia software with audio must supply and use their own headphones.
  • Student course work has priority over game playing and social media.
  • Students needing to save their classwork need to supply their own media.
  • The installation of any software on lab computers is strictly prohibited.
  • Users must comply with all pertinent licenses and contractual agreements regarding any software used on a lab workstation.


Contact Information

Muntz Hall | Room 110
Phone: 513-558-9581
Support Email: ithelp@ucblueash.edu