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Our students come to UC Blue Ash College from all walks of life, with all sorts of plans and dreams. Learn more about how our college provides the rigorous academics, inspiration and resources that help them succeed. 

Student Success Stories

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Chai Risma

Chai Risma

Chai enjoys visiting the UC Blue Ash Library and using the study rooms or quiet spaces to keep up with her courses.

Eric Kniffen

student working in chemistry lab with a professor

Working on a chemistry experiment with Professor Dan Landfried.

Jennavieve Harvey and Nadege Mondesir

Edlin Maldonado-Fuller

Edlin Maldonado-Fuller working in the lab

Edlin Maldonado-Fuller is a first-generation college student who chose UC Blue Ash College for her pursuit of a second career in medicine.

Josh Alonge & Ruthie Galberg

Stephanie Garcia & Monica Weber

Juanita Lackey & Emily Gross

Gabby Long & Natalie Pfaltzgraff

Maddie Munro & Ludwing Gonzalez

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