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Muntz Hall Renovations

The Phase 5 Renovation Includes:

  • New Atrium/student collaboration space using the existing Enrollment Services lobby and Muntz Hall courtyard
  • Complete renovation of the east (1975 classroom/150s) wing for Academic Advising, Career Services, CAPS, and Enrollment Services
  • Modifications and improvements to the current Enrollment Services space for Student Life
  • Complete east restroom renovations
  • Approximately 16,000 square feet of space, including the 5,700 square feet that will be added to the front of Muntz Hall.

The demolition portion of the Phase 5 renovation project is scheduled to begin in March 2024.

Office Moves

  • The Communications Office has moved from Muntz 152 to the Pavilion, Room 105.
  • The TRIO Office will move from Muntz Hall to the Flory Center in early March.

Additional Notes

  • Muntz 170 will still be in use for the spring semester.
  • The entrance from Muntz parking lot, near the Welcome Desk, will be in use for during the early portion of the project. There will be a walkway to get through the areas under construction.
  • The Welcome Desk will go offline at some point during the project. We will consider plans for a temporary welcome desk/table when that occurs.
Muntz Hall gathering space rendering
Muntz Hall gathering space rendering

Atrium / Student Collaboration Space

The atrium space encloses the existing courtyard at the roof and north side under the existing bridge. The atrium enclosure creates a skylit area with a multi-purpose study, meeting and gathering space, lounge area, and private study rooms. It could also be used to host events with seating for up to 200.

Advising/Enrollment Services Wing

The east wing is being fully renovated to provide new space for Academic Advising, Career Services, CAPS, and Enrollment Services. The offices will be similar to the faculty offices remodeled on the second and third floors of Muntz Hall. The renovated wing will also include shared conference rooms, a break room, Food Pantry, and storage.

Student Life Space

The current Enrollment Services space is being modified to accommodate Student Life. The renovated space will include additional enclosed offices and new student engagement areas with new furnishings and reception spaces.

Muntz Hall gathering space rendering
Muntz Hall gathering space rendering

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