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Honors Program

The UC Blue Ash College Honors Program, designed specifically for our most academically exceptional students, launched in fall 2017. If you have a high school GPA of 3.2 and an ACT score of 25 or higher (or SAT of 1200), you will be invited to join this selective group, and we'll provide you with opportunities both in and out of the classroom that will enrich your education. Current UC Blue Ash and transfer students can also apply to be admitted to the program.

UC Blue Ash Honors is built around experiential learning. Whether it is in specially-designed honors seminars, special leadership opportunities, research projects with professors, or study abroad programs, students in our Honors program learn by doing and by reflecting and connecting their experiences to their larger academic, career and personal goals.

If you have any questions about the UC Blue Ash Honors Program, please feel free to email us at UCBAHonors@uc.edu.

A Wide Range of Benefits

  • Academic Rigor: Take special honors-designated classes with other outstanding students.
  • Special Perks: You will enjoy perks that include early priority registration for UC Blue Ash classes.
  • Experiental Learning & Leadership: Participate in a wide range of exciting opportunities to take learning beyond the classroom.
  • Honors Scholarships: Compete for scholarships available specifically for our Honors Program students.
  • Prestige: Get featured in our print and website promotions, as our best and brightest students! Plus, the Honors designation is noted on students' diplomas.

The perfect environment for excellence

Professor Helene Harte working with students
  • Rigorous Academics: UC Blue Ash is a fully accredited college of the University of Cincinnati, and follows the university's same demanding curriculum.
  • Expert Faculty: UC Blue Ash faculty members are leaders in their fields of study, publishing and presenting their research in national and international venues. They are also recognized as some of the best teachers at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Student Success: Although an integral part of a major research university, UC Blue Ash focuses on teaching and learning. That means small class sizes and attentive faculty and staff whose primary goal is to work with students to achieve their academic and career goals.

Program Structure

Full time students in any UC Blue Ash academic track are eligible for UC Blue Ash Honors. The program is designed to be flexible, and is built around these two key features.


Through experiences, students engage in focused, experiential learning activities that are also flexible, since UC Blue Ash Honors students are enrolled in a variety of academic programs. Students need to complete two Experiences in order to graduate with Honors from UC Blue Ash College. These include:

  • Honors Seminars. Courses specially designed around interdisciplinary and experiential learning, where the focus is on discussion and exploration.
  • Honors Intermediate Composition. Special sections of UC's core writing class built around experiential and service learning.
  • Leadership Experiences. Serve as a UCBA Student Ambassador, Major Mentor or in any number of other college leadership opportunities.
  • Research Experiences. Work with a UC Blue Ash professor on a project, or design your own, and present your work at the college's annual research conference, Mediated Minds
  • Creative Experiences. Write, design, paint, sculpt, and show off your work in the Blue Ash Review or at the UC Blue Ash Gallery.
  • Study Abroad. UC Blue Ash offers two to three well-designed and affordable study abroad programs every year, that automatically count as Experiences.

The goal of the experiences is to provide students with the flexibility to design a program that fits their interests and goals, and develop as scholars, leaders and people.


In order to connect their experiences and other UCBA Honors activities to their larger academic program and personal development, each honors student develops and updates a personal Learning Portfolio, a public website where students not only show off their work but also thoughtfully reflect on what they learned during their Experiences, and how to build on them in the future.

Reflection is a vital learning tool that helps students make connections between their different classes and activities, and UC Blue Ash is a leader in helping students integrate thoughtful reflection into all parts of the learning process

Program Requirements

All students need to complete the following requirements in order to graduate from the UC Blue Ash Honors Program:

  • Enroll and complete Gateway to UC Blue Ash Honors, a one-hour introductory course.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 by the time of graduation.
  • Enroll as a full-time student at UC Blue Ash every semester in the program.
  • Complete two Honors Experiences.
  • Design and regularly update a Learning Portfolio.
  • Present their work in a public venue.


All students enrolled in UC Blue Ash Honors automatically receive a $500 UC Blue Ash Honors Scholarship for every semester they are in the program. Students also have the opportunity to apply for special scholarships only available to honors students.

In addition, UC Blue Ash Honors Students can apply for the more than $60,000 that our college gives out every year as part of its general scholarship program.

Special Recognition

All students who complete the program and graduate from UC Blue Ash will receive the notation "With Honors from the UCBA Honors Program"on their transcript. Also, we encourage all students who are eligible to also apply for membership in the UC Blue Ash chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honors society for students at two-year colleges.

Program Admission

Students are admitted into the UC Blue Ash Honors Program through two pathways:

First-Year Student Requirements

  • First-year students with no college experience are admitted based on their high school achievements. All students with a minimum 3.2 high school GPA and a 25 ACT or 1200 SAT, who apply and accepted to UCBA, are automatically invited to enroll in UCBA Honors. The priority application deadline for Fall 2019 admission is May 1, 2019.

Transfer Student Requirements

  • Cumulative college GPA of 3.2 or higher (confirmed via transcript or through the university for transition students).
  • Minimum of 12 hours of completed college credit (at UC or another university)
  • Currently enrolled full time as a UC Blue Ash student, or, if transferring, planning to enroll full time at UC Blue Ash in Spring 2020.
  • Must be able to enroll in and complete Honors 1015: Gateway to University Honors their first semester in the program. This is a one-credit hour introductory course.
  • Evidence of interest in and desire to engage with the UC Blue Ash Honors Program. 


Students who successfully complete the UC Blue Ash Honors Program and transition to UC's Uptown Campus to complete their baccalaureate program may have the opportunity to enroll in the University Honors Program, if selected. Those who enroll in the UHP will receive credit for their Experiences at UC Blue Ash.

Honors Advisors

Headshot of Carla Henderson, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE, CHSE

Carla Henderson, DNP, MSN, RN, CNE, CHSE

Last Names A-D

Walters Hall 281


Headshot of Claudia Skutar, PhD

Claudia Skutar, PhD

Last Names E-K

Progress Hall 220E


Headshot of Jody Ballah, MA, Dip.Ed

Jody Ballah, MA, Dip.Ed

Last Names L-R

Walters Hall 132


Headshot of Daniella Fisher, PhD

Daniella Fisher, PhD

Last Names S-Z

Walters Hall 375


Acting Honors Director

Headshot of Brenda Refaei, EdD

Brenda Refaei, EdD

Associate Professor of English

Progress Hall 120J


Please join us in welcoming Dr. Brenda Refaei as the acting honors director for the spring and summer 2019 semesters. Contact Brenda with any questions or concerns about the UC Blue Ash Honors program.


Contact Information

Honors Program

Progress Hall • Room 120B
Program Coordinator

Phone: 513-745-5645
Email: ucbahonors@ucmail.uc.edu